Fortnite Season 09 – Week 06 Guide

Welcome to this guide to challenges in Week 06 of Fortnite Season 09. I’m going to break down the trickier part of the challenges and highlight some of the other things that have occurred in the past week.


Week 06 Challenges

What do we have here, then? A new batch of challenges to harvest for battle stars? I think so! Let’s see how they are looking…


Nothing too challenging, this week, though the third challenge took a couple of matches for me to unpack. Honestly, I had forgotten what the term “Hot Spot” was referring to and spent a couple of games travelling to *hot* locations on the map. What a fool I must have looked!
Well, as it turns out, wherever the supply drones are located in your match becomes a Hot Spot. So skydive down to a highlighted area on the map and get looting and shooting.

The fifth challenge requires you to play around with the new item, the Storm Flip. These look like purple and black molotov cocktails and allow you to create or remove areas of storm. I really like the design of these items and look forward to seeing them being used tactically in matches. Unfortunately, they are quite sparse, so you will need to make sure to use them before dying, to get your challenge completed.

LTM Challenges

This week sees the Horde Rush mode added to the game. This is a four day Player versus Engine mode which takes inspiration from other horde modes, but with a Fortnite twist. You are restricted to a small area of the map and every other round sees you having to move to a new location, while continuing to fight off waves of enemies. The final round features a huge boss who you must kill in a area that continues to shrink. It is tough, I must say.
If you manage to complete all the challenges, you will be rewarded with a rather cool wrap for your weapons.
I was going to provide a guide for this event, but it is simply too challenging for me to include it in this article, if I am to meet my deadlines. Maybe a follow-up article will appear?

Style Challenges

Nothing new for me, yet.


This week was more in line with Week 04 with no Fortbyte immediately associated with the latest loading screen reward. I presume something may be added during the week, but in the meantime, I have nothing to show for it.


After a fairly light guide, let’s look into the Fortbytes!


Fortbyte #19
Following on from some of the previous Fortbytes, #19 asks you to use the Vega skin to be able to access it. You need to travel to the spaceship that has been crafted in the south east of the snow biome, south of Shifty Shafts.


Head towards the front of the ship to find the Fortbyte floating on the command bridge.


Are they preparing to fly home?


Fortbyte #51
This time, you’re gonna need to bust out your dance moves to earn the favour of Fortbyte #51. Head to Neo Tilted and find Peely’s Banana Stand towards the south west of the city. There, you will see the elusive Forty floating in the middle of the road. Use the Cluck Strut emote on the crossing and the Fortbyte will be yours for the taking!



Fortbyte #65
This time you will need to find a “basement budget movie set”. I initially thought of the movie set by Junk Junction, but after wasting a match up there, settled on the streaming set in the basement of a house by Shifty Shafts. Sure enough, there was our electronic friend.


Are they trying to send a message home?


Fortbyte #70
This cheeky chip has decided to subvert expectations and offers a different challenge. You will need to skydive through a number of rings with a specific contrail set to be able to earn #70.


Using the Vibrant contrails from the Battle Pass, you will wanna skydive into Lazy Lagoon, slowing to move through each of the rings. The Fortbyte will be floating just inside the final ring. Wheeeee-ha!


Fortbyte #73
As with previous Fortbytes, this one is just for completing six of the seven weekly challenges in Week 06. Easy!

Fortbyte #78
To acquire this piece of sneaky silicon, you will need to travel to the north eastern edge of Loot Lake. Around there, you will find the ranger tower with the Fortbyte lurking inside.



Fortbyte #89
Much like Fortbyte #70, this one requires you to glide through a number of “rings” using a specific glider. On this occasion, you will need the Scarlet Strike glider. Glide to victory and take Fortbyte #89 as your prize.


I don’t know about you, but those look more like triangles than rings, to me.


Fortbyte #95
The final Fortbyte for this guide is the lazy little guy lying in the sun by a solar array. Head over to the north of the volcano and find the Fortbyte just… there…
I bet it slid down those solar panels…



That is it for my guide to Week 06 of Fortnite Season 09. It is fairly concise, this week, so let’s hope that more challenge emerges next week.

All screenshots were captured by Ellie and her foxy friend via the Nintendo Switch. The game depicted is owned by Epic Games and the log is owned by Foxy, the fox.
Don’t forget that you can keep up with Upon Completion via the Twitter @UponCompletion

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