Fortnite Season 09 – Week 05 Guide

Week 05! Week 05!
We got more challenges in Week 05!


Week 05 Challenges

What is on the docket for Week 05, I hear you ask? Well, look below and find out!!


We have a continued increase in the difficulty curve, from last week, and only a single multi-stage challenge.

The first challenge requires you to deal damage to enemies with a range of throwable weapons. I found this to be the most troublesome of the challenges but Dynamite was definitely the most successful for me. I used Team Rumble for all of these challenges as it gave me the best chances you get kills with these quirky weapons.

This week’s multi-stage challenge involves completing laps of the various racetracks on the island. The first is in the desert, north of Paradise Palms. The second track is west of Happy Hamlet, in the snow biome. The third and final track is east of Junk Junction, in the grasslands.


Visiting Wind Turbines isn’t too hard as there are five located in the northwest of the island. Find yourself an orb ball thing and you can do this easily.

LTM Challenges

Nothing to report, this week.

Style Challenges

I got good and unlocked Vega. Wheeee-ha! Her challenges are fairly uneventful, but she has some cool accessories.



This week’s Utopia challenge is another hidden battle star. After completing all of the weekly challenges you will gain access to a loading screen and a challenge to find your prize.


As always, we will first need to examine the loading screen, so let’s take a look.


Located on the edge of the turbine, a set of co-ordinates can be seen: B2, B3, C2, C3. This is up in the grasslands biome, towards the northwest of the island. So let’s travel to that point and claim our battle star!


As with previous battle stars, the central location of the coordinates offers up the location. Easy!



After claiming all your battle stars, it is time for the Fortbytes! And as we all know, another week means another pile of Fortbytes.


Fortbyte #26
As with several of the previous Fortbytes, you will need to reach a certain rank in the battle pass and equip an associated item. This Fortbyte requires the Bunker Jones skin. You then need to find a Snowy Bunker on the island.


The trick here, is that it is actually located on an island, south of the main land mass. Head to the wooden shed and you will have a new microchip for the collection.


Fortbyte #61
Instead of a Jonesy skin, this Fortbyte demands you to use the Sunbird spray. Head over to the southern edge of the Viking Village to find the base of the waterfall and then tag up the ice. The Fortbyte will acknowledge your skilled artistry and reveal itself to you.


This one was a pain to collect due to the slippery nature of ice. Be prepared to slide around a lot.


Fortbyte #68
You will be able to find this Fortbyte at your local bookshop. Unfortunately, that seems to be located at Happy Hamlet, on the southern side of the snow biome. The bookshop is towards the northwest of the township and the Fortbyte can be found, floating around on the ground floor. Easy.




Fortbyte #76
This sneaky microchip took me a while to find. Hiding in the insurance building at Neo-Tilted, on the ground floor, behind a recreation of the eruption. The building is located to the southwest of the fountain.
This Fortbyte can be collected after breaking all of the junk in the way and ruining someone’s hardwork in paper craft. Nice.





Fortbyte #80
As a departure from the snow biome, this cheeky chip decided to hide at the top of the volcano. You will need to use the Bunker Buster harvesting tool to access the Fortbyte, but then it will succumb to your mastery. Ascend to the highest point of the volcano’s rim and you will find a singular stone lodged in the ground. Bash it with the Bunker Buster and claim your prize, champion.



Fortbyte #91
The sneaky folks at Epic Games bamboozled me with the lack of a Loading Screen forty, last week. Instead, they revealed it two days after the challenges came out. By reading the description for the loading screen, you are directed to the ATM outside of Keyboard Kings, in Paradise Palms. Smash the machine and the Fortbyte is yours!


And with that, we are done with this week’s guide. I hope you enjoyed finding Fortbytes and I will endeavour to provide insights into Season 09 for the remaining 5 weeks. Let’s go!
Oh, by the way, Polar Peak castle got destroyed. How crazy is that?!

All screenshots were captured by Ellie and her foxy friend via the Nintendo Switch. The game depicted is owned by Epic Games and the log is owned by Foxy, the fox.
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