Backlog Attack! 2019 Challenge

Who? Khinjarsi and Thero

What? Each month, Khin and Thero play a game from their Steam backlogs chosen by the other.

When? One game per month, with a backup provided should a game be super short or fail to run.

Why? To keep us blogging, to help reduce backlogs and because Thero set herself/was set a ridiculous challenge last year.

How long for? Monthly through 2019. October and December will feature special issues.

Which games? Games are chosen by Khin and Thero in 3 month batches – see the submenus for more.


12 games, 12 months. We have both agreed that October’s choice will be a spoopy game, and that we would like to pick a coop game to play together in December (which seems a very long way off right now).
We have also agreed to choose games in 3 month blocks, which will mean we can include any purchases made in 2019 if they fit in the rules.


As with any challenge, there are some ground rules we have agreed between us:

  1. Strategy games are excluded – that means no Cities Skylines, nor Age of Empires
  2. No “open-ended” games that do not have a story mode – no The Sims for example.
  3. We have both gone through our own and each others libraries before choosing the games to agree can be discounted.
    Games were removed from selection during discussion for the following reasons:
    – it will almost certainly not play on our system (my laptop won’t run Injustice 2 very well)
    – we have already completed the game on a different system – no Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored etc
    – we have a game in our library that we are never likely to remotely enjoy playing – for example, COD/Spec Ops
  4. Should a game be ludicrously short (I recently played Access Denied, which was a good little game but I got maybe 2 hours out of it), or we discover it does not run satisfactorily, the other person can provide a back up choice.

Each game will be written about on Upon Completion first, though can be posted elsewhere after the post goes live.