About UC

Welcome to Upon Completion.

This blog originality started as a fun, little blog for three writers to spread their opinions about the world.
These were: Khinjarsi, Ellen and The Masked Gentleman.
We began with a shared love of video games, so we wrote about those. As time passed, our workflow fluctuated and our topics varied accordingly, with the inclusion of social issues and films being frequent additions.

As time has gone on, lives have changed but our interests have remained fairly consistent. We still play games and most of us still write when we can. What has changed is the addition of two new contributors: Thero and Kurt.
Thero has offered a new perspective on games with a different range of mediums, while Kurt has become our first Video Contributor!

We have spread our reach and now have a Facebook page. You can support us and give us a “like” over at: https://www.facebook.com/uponcompletion

We hope to continue to grow and fill out a weekly schedule for you all to enjoy.
If you wish to learn more about us, we each have an ” About _____” page with a bit more depth, as well as a host of archived content to read up on if you want a further insight into our characters.

We hope you enjoy our content and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments!


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