A Mini Khinjarsis Korner

Hello my dear readers. I realise it’s been a while since I’ve had a Khinjarsi’s Korner up. Whilst I feel like posting a full Korner in December was a bit meaningless with the reflections post going up, I still want to update you all on what I played, watched and read over the festive season.

This won’t be as extended as a Korner (expect that to return at the end of Jan) but here’s what I did over Christmas.



Elder Scrolls Online: I basically logged into this each day for the daily rewards (there was a mount I wanted) and the New Life Festival quests.

Burly Men at Sea – I recommend reading 1 Broke Gamer Girl’s post on Burly Men at Sea for a better idea of why I enjoyed it.

Birthdays the Beginning:  I wrote a review of it before Christmas.

Until Dawn: Another 100% completion with the help of a guide, particularly for the collectibles. I’ve watched so many playthroughs of this game, long before I owned it myself, so kind of knew where scares were, but I still recommend the game. It’s another one I’ve briefly written about in the past.

Dishonored: I LOVE Dishonored. This time on PS4.

Access Denied: This is a little game I had a key for from somewhere. A short little sci-fi puzzle game, more cheerful than The Room but just as satisfying to finish.

from: http://www.worldofowls.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/gallery-owls-1.jpg


Dirty Money: I had this Netflix series playing while I wrapped presents and found it really interesting. Each episode featured a different fraud, scam or economic anomaly and I thought it was fairly well put together. It made a nice change from true crime.

Speaking of true crime, I also watched The Staircase while prepping for Christmas. I have mixed opinions on this docu-series, especially after listening to Real Crime Profile discuss the case. I don’t think the “Owl Theory” holds much water to be honest.

Even more crime over the festive season – Evil Genius. This one was a strange case and I can’t really explain it, so if true crime is your thing, definitely go find it.

I also watched Scream (the original film) for the first time. I love Skeet Ulritch and forgot he was in it. I wasn’t expecting Scream to have aged well, but it wasn’t bad, and I enjoyed it.


I tried to read more in December, not least to try to make my Goodreads challenge for the year.
I managed a few books, although I had to use some graphic novels to help.

The Strings of Murder – The first in a series (Frey and McGrey) by Oscsar de Muriel. Victorian police meets Sherlock Holmes meets the supernatural. I wasn’t expecting much from this, but I actually really enjoyed it and was given the second book for Christmas.
Frightening Light and Sounds Dreadful – Horrible Science
The Buy Side – A little like The Wolf of Wall Street but with more on how it all works. Entertaining if nothing else, if it’s your kind of thing.
Dawn/Vampirella – I read it as a challenge filler, and didn’t really rate it to be honest.
Sunstone Vol 1 – another graphic novel I used to fill out my challenge. I recommend it to any and all for many reasons. Fifty Shades how it should have been.
This is Going to Hurt –  If you have any interest in how the NHS works (or doesn’t), please find this (once it returns from a friend I’ll happily lend it out).
Spawn Origins Vol 1 –  An origins story for a character I had never heard of, I still found it interesting. I don’t think I’d seek out the main comics/graphic novels but I’ve read worse.
The Deep – The last book I read of the year. A new fave but if you suffer from thalassophobia maybe avoid it.
And that’s a quick dash look at what I got up to over Christmas. There are plans and hopes afoot for 2019, some of which are underway already. As I said above, the next official Khinjarsi’s Korner will be out towards the end of January and will look at what I got up to in my birthday month.

Until then Completionists.


  1. Scream seems to be one of those films that is beloved and loathed in equal capacities from horror fans, so hearing what you have to say is quite interesting.

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