2018: A Reflection

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As 2018 passes through and we come to our final few days of the year, I felt that I had earned a more reflective look at my year in gaming (and media) than I usually achieve in Khinjarsis Korner.
That being said, Khin Korner will stay as a feature (if you can call it that) on the blog, as I actually quite enjoy looking over what I’ve played and watched.

Instead, I’m using this opportunity to look over what I have played, watched and read, and also written about and to reflect on things.

So, let’s start all the way back in January 2018. *cue time travel/flashback music*.
Turns out I didn’t even start the year with a review! Instead I took two different LEGO game experiences and compared them. Since writing that piece, I haven’t touched a LEGO game, although this isn’t linked to the experience with LEGO Batman 2 on Vita. I have, however, lent LEGO Jurassic World to a friend as I loved it so much.
The key thing I took from re-reading the post and having played a range of LEGO games in the past is that the games themselves can vary SO wildly. They aren’t consistently bad, and they certainly aren’t all good. Would the bad time with LEGO Batman 2 stop me picking up another LEGO game? Depends on the system. Would I play another LEGO game on the Vita? Probably not, and I certainly won’t buy one for the system.

Moving swiftly on. I didn’t post for another month, for whatever reasons. Interestingly, I didn’t open the February post with an apology, as I often find myself doing. Instead, I went straight into a First Impressions look at Hidden Agenda. A note here – I haven’t picked up that game since I wrote about it, mostly because I want to continue playing it with my mum and doing so involves fiddling with the back of the main TV, her having the energy to play and also us both being left alone to do so. However, it is still installed on the console attached to the main TV, which says something about that console (it’s my brothers, which he purchased for some unknown reason and never actually plays). I mentioned Sony’s new PlayLink gimmick, and sadly haven’t really seen this take off, which is a shame because this time of year is probably the best for it.

On reflection, the first section (the part I focused on in the post) provided an interesting insight into the difference between my mother and my best friend Thero. Of course, one is my mother and the other is not. Thero and I have a very similar sense of humour, sense of self and a love of sarcasm. However, we have different “specialisms”, as I view them. Thero is much much more patient than I am, has a much longer temper and her head rules her heart. I, on the other hand, am more stubborn (or determined depending on how you look at it), am less tolerant, but also end up making a lot of decisions for us when we’re out and about. I think we have a fairly evenly split friendship but definitely recognise each others strengths and weaknesses. Surprisingly, Hidden Agenda reflected this.
With my mother, on the other hand, we both stood by our own decisions much more frequently, but also didn’t really see the strengths in each other. Weaknesses, sure, but we had to look harder to work out some of the questions such as “who is more trusting?” (I think my mum is by the way). I do wonder if I played with both Thero and my mum, what would it reveal, and if I played a new section, would those questions reflect the changes in relationship I have had with Thero and my mum?

The end of March saw me take on my biggest challenge yet – The A to Z of Gaming Me – 26ish posts about games that matter to me, have impacted me and made me the gamer I am today. My original plan for this was to use it to get me back writing almost weekly. Up until then, I was struggling to motivate myself to write and wasn’t playing enough games to feel strongly about anything. What A to Z turned into was a rest-of-the-year marathon looking into my gaming past and present, examining games I love. It provided a lot of opportunities for reflection, and actually put me in a good place to join in with a collaboration project later in the year. What it also did was reveal to me just how many of my favourite games come from childhood and not my present, and also that my gaming loves have broadened as I aged. It also showed me just how many games Thero and I have in common or shared with each other.
Each game was a different view of me – a different aspect of my gaming life and my personality. You can tell a lot about me if you read those posts. Obvious stuff like my love for role playing games, my love for playing stealth and marksman characters, my love for games from my childhood. You can also tell I miss having Ellie as my proofreader, because even now I’m catching mistakes as I read through the entries.

2018 was also the year I started joining in with the wider WordPress gaming community. I was invited to join a secret cult Facebook group containing all your favourite bloggers, I took part in HIGH SCORE HAUTE COUTURE: THE GAMING CATWALK and later in the year the MASSIVE Games That Define Us. I have to say that despite not really participating in the behind-the-scenes nonsense that came out of the Games That Define Us, I have really enjoyed spending some of my time amongst the blogging community in various forms. I’m hoping to finally meet some of you horrible lot at cons through 2019, and perhaps join in a few Twitch streams.

This past year has been a bit of a rollercoaster of a year. Some glorious highs, and some not so fabulous lows. But as the bells toll to mark the latest journey around the sun, it’s been important to have a time to reflect on at least this small part of my world.

To all my friends, followers, family and everyone in between and betwixt – have a awesome New Year. May 2019 bring you happiness and health, and above all else, be good to one another.

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