New Year, New Challenge

Happy New Year ladles and germs, and welcome to Upon Completion’s latest challenge.


For 2019, Khinjarsi and Thero will be tackling what should be a manageable task for them both- something to help with backlogs and also hopefully broaden gaming horizons.

Late in 2018, Khin and Thero got together over voice chat to discuss various things. Thero had recently send Khin some Steam keys and suggested Khin should beat them all in 2019. Given that some were strategy games, this seemed a little too much to ask. It did, however, lead to Khin setting the new challenge.
“WHAT IS IT?” we hear you scream.

Khin and Thero will pick 12 games from each other’s Steam Library for that person to play in 2019, one for each month.

Doesn’t seem too hard does it? Certainly not as challenging as Thero’s Assassins Creed Challenge for 2018, and not quite as lengthy as Khin’s A to Z.

12 games, 12 months. We have both agreed that October’s choice will be a spoopy game, and that we would like to pick a coop game to play together in December (which seems a very long way off right now).
We have also agreed to choose games in 3 month blocks, which will mean we can include any purchases made in 2019 if they fit in the rules.


As with any challenge, there are some ground rules we have agreed between us:

  1. Strategy games are excluded – that means no Cities Skylines, nor Age of Empires
  2. No “open-ended” games that do not have a story mode – no The Sims for example.
  3. We have both gone through our own and each others libraries before choosing the games to agree can be discounted.
    Games were removed from selection during discussion for the following            reasons:
    – it will almost certainly not play on our system (my laptop won’t run Injustice 2 very well)
    – we have already completed the game on a different system – no Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored etc
    – we have a game in our library that we are never likely to remotely enjoy playing – for example, COD/Spec Ops
  4. Should a game be ludicrously short (I recently played Access Denied, which was a good little game but I got maybe 2 hours out of it), or we discover it does not run satisfactorily, the other person can provide a back up choice.

Each game will be written about on Upon Completion first, though can be posted elsewhere after the post goes live.
We are both looking forward to the new adventures this challenge will give us, and I hope you can follow along with us both as we play some of our backlogs.


Our choices for January, February and March are as follows:

Jan: Flat Kingdom: Paper Cut Edition
Feb: Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
Mar: Fallout
Back up: Aviary Attorney

Jan: The Sexy Brutale
Feb: Maize
Mar: Domina
Back up: Portal (No Thero hasn’t played it)

For now then Completionists, enjoy the start to 2019. We will both see you once we’ve gathered some thoughts on our January games.

Khin and Thero


  1. Maize Maize Maize! I loved this game so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Thero makes of it. This is a great idea for a challenge. 🙂

    • Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Maize at some point in February. I have to say, Khinjarsi has done a great job of picking my first three games!

      • Definitely, you guys have come up with some great choices! I still haven’t gotten around to playing The Sexy Brutale and the original Fallout is on my list for this year too, so I look forward to reading your views.

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