A to Z of Gaming Me: O

This one is definitely late. Still, it’s been too hot to sit at a computer when I don’t have to (not to mention a nice break from work). But on we must go with the A to Z of Gaming Me. For O, there have been two main contenders. As I have previously reviewed the demo of my first choice, Orwell, I will write about my second choice: Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

from: http://assets2.ignimgs.com/2015/12/04/wiiuoctodaddadliestcatch02jpg-19b795.jpg

So, Octodad. Yes, the game you play as a octopus trying to pass as a husband, dad and general human. With his 8 tentacles stuffed into a human suit, Octodad must be guided through a variety of (supposedly) mundane tasks – getting a coffee, grocery shopping and date night, to name a few. Controlling each limb with a variety of buttons and mouse actions, you have the ridiculous task of guiding the bipedal cephalopod through life without alerting his friends, neighbors and colleagues about his octopus-ness.
Cue hilarity. frustration and controllers bouncing off walls.
The controls sound simple, but trying to coordinate pairs of tentacles and the momentum moving generates isn’t easy, but boy can it be fun. Especially fun are some of the challenges, including squeezing into some amusement arcade machines to get prizes, disco dancing at your wedding and prepping people for surgery.

from: http://octodadgame.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Sequence-01_5.jpg

The plot is fairly basic, and features one major villain, but pits you against your own abilites to stay “undercover”. If you cause too much chaos, the people will notice and your human suit cover will be blown, forcing you to restart the level over. There isn’t really a “game over” screen, which is appreciated in a game as chaotic as this. With multiple players, it only gets worse as each player controls certain limbs, forcing communication (or breaking it down entirely) and shortening tempers across the lands.

Octodad isn’t the longest game, and it isn’t the easiest sometimes, but it definitely bent my brain around some corners in its mission to help a fish fit in. Also – go listen to the soundtrack, I find it amusing, adorable and joyous all at once.


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