A brief interlude

Evening all. You may (or may not) have been wondering where I’ve been of late.

My last post, A to Z of Gaming Me: O was posted mid July! It seems so long ago, since now we are into August already. There have been several reasons for my absence here.

Firstly, the ridiculous, unending heat the UK has been subjected to for the last 6-8 weeks. I like a bit of sunshine in my summers, but most of us in Britain are not accustomed to such high temperatures for such a long period of time. Everything around me that was green is now brown and dusty, and it’s exhausting.

Add this to an already exhausted mind. It has been a while since I took some decent time away from work, but I got my first of two weeks off last week. I spent some time with one of my best friends and her family, and got some serious downtime.

Work, as I just mentioned, has been exhausting. It has been very intense for a couple of months now, and although the pressure has eased slightly, many of my planned projects and development have been stonewalled, which has left me frustrated and angry.

All of these points have left me unbelievably tired and really, really, really not wanting to spend much time at my desk writing.

That’s not to say that any of this has stopped me gaming. In fact, I have a few posts planned for the next month or so (including picking up the tail end of the A to Z), and I’ve even got involved in a MASSIVE collab project coming later in the year. For now, I think I’d like to give you guys a few more insights into what I do when I’m not spouting nonsense and give you some updates that aren’t so far apart.

I am off on the second half of my holiday in just under two weeks, and I am hoping to at least schedule some stuff for then. If you want to keep in touch, I recommend giving me a follow on Twitter, either at @Khinjarsi_ or at @UponCompletion

Until later Completionists.



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