30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 25


This post is slightly simple compared to others. It’s more of a “go read my post” kind, because today I am going to talk about a game I played a demo of not long back.

Prey Demo: Opening Hour_20170506171202

Day 25: A game you plan on playing

Prey. That’s the new shiny one, by the way. As I mentioned above, I have played the demo, and I reviewed that demo, here.

It was a demo I picked up on a whim one night, and was absorbed by it in 5 minutes. It was a demo that made me want to buy the full game immediately. Since I couldn’t get the full game then, and still can’t, it’s on my “to play” list.

Tomorrow, voice work.


One comment

  1. Mass effect Andromeda, just need to find a month where i have not much going on and no other games to catch up on, it’ll be a big investment time wise

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