The Typing Of The Dead : Overkill – Where The Puns Are Deadly

Tired of The Walking Dead’s emotional storyline?
Fed up with Dying Light’s attempt to make zombie scary?
If so, then I have the game for you! The Typing of the Dead : Overkill is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously and will certainly have you groaning at its killer puns.

It’s a cross between the plot of House of the Dead : Overkill with the game mechanics of Typing of the Dead.
Instead of shooting the zombies – sorry, ‘mutants’- with a gun, you type out the phrases that appear on the screen. These phrases can be anything from a four letter word like guns to phrases like Quintessence of dust. The words and phrases also get harder as you progress through the game.
The Typing of the Dead : Overkill is an on-the-rails shooter, reminiscent of the old arcade shooters. This does make the game a little repetitive, though the boss battles at the end of each level do try to spice things up. Each boss has a different way of defeating them; the first boss, Jasper, uses a force field that you have to take down before you can shoot him; while the second boss(es) Coco and Sindy require you shoot their missiles and Coco before targeting Sindy. Even with the varied bosses, one of the biggest drawbacks to The Typing of the Dead : Overkill is the repetitive gameplay.

They’re not zombies, they’re mutants.

However, Typing Of The Dead : Overkill has tried to overcome this issue with a number of different gameplay modes.
The main mode is Overkill, which follows the House of the Dead : Overkill story. It is basically the single player campaign. It also offers two player co-op which, though I haven’t tried, appears to run through the same plot and game mechanics.
You also have access to the original House of the Dead : Overkill which has the same plot but reverts to the mechanics of the original series. Instead of typing to kill the mutants/zombies, you use your mouse to shoot them. It is an obvious change to typing and you also lets you skip the cutscenes to speed things up. On the other hand, you are still playing through the same levels so the repetition is unavoidable.
As you can see, while you may have different game modes they are fundamentally identical. The only really unique aspects are the three mini games: a shooting gallery, save the civilians and an endless horde mode. There was clearly an attempt to mix things up, but there is only so much which can be done with the mechanics.

How fast can you type?

One of things that does make up for the gameplay is the story, which feels like it is straight out of a low budget, 70s horror film. You play as Agent G and Isaac Washington who are trying to stop Papa Caesar, a crime boss who has just unleashed a horde of mutant/zombies on a small town in Louisiana. Along the way they are joined by Varla Gunns, a stripper who wants revenge against Papa Caesar, and her not-so intelligent friend Candi Stryper who was in love with Varla’s disabled brother.
Seriously, you couldn’t make this up.
I won’t give away the rest of the plot but let’s just say it gets even more ridiculous, which makes the game entertaining. I will point this out now: If you don’t like tongue-in-cheek humour with a particularly crude twist, then you may want to give this a pass.

Speaking of crude, some of the zombie designs are rather extravagant with the gore, which I suppose you would expect from a zombie/mutant game. This is probably a good time to bring up one of my biggest irritation whilst playing The Typing of the Dead: the glitches.
For some reason, some of the zombies will turn invisible or have invisible bodies and I couldn’t find any way of remedying this. Now, for the Overkill mode it was annoying but bearable; yet in the House of the Dead mode, it actually makes it very difficult to shoot the zombie/mutant, causing some very frustrating and unfair deaths.
This glitch, along with the repetitive nature of the game, can potentially ruin The Typing of the Dead : Overkill for some gamers; it nearly did for me!

Overall, I enjoyed The Typing of the Dead : Overkill, but only in small doses.
It’s one of those games that you will play for a couple of hours and then won’t play it at all for months. It has a brilliant story with witty dialogue, but it is let down by repetitiveness and persistent glitching. I would suggest buying this game if you want to play a  House of the Dead game or if it was on sale with its DLC.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some zombie/mutants to kill using the power of the dictionary!

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill  is available on PC.

Last played on 24/02/16 for PC.
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