Got A Whole Lotta Loot

The One Where Khinjarsi Looks at her Lootcrate.

That’s right folks, Khin got a Lootcrate. Actually she ended up with two because she wasn’t-expecting-to-be-charged-for-a-second-and-it-turned-up-anyway-but-at-least-it-wasn’t-bad.

A while back Thero gave me a code for a free Lootcrate. Until then, I watched several people unbox their LootCrates, including Kurt and Ashens, and was largely disappointed by 80% of the stuff. I appreciated the occasional t-shirt that arrived, but a lot of the stuff looked like junk, or was another Funko vinyl I didn’t like. I’m not against Funkos in general, but many aren’t effective as deformed figures.
That is a matter for another day.
As a result I didn’t have any interest in subscribing but, ever the student (in my mind at least), I wasn’t going to turn down a free one. That was January 2016’s box – Invasion.

Below are the open box and stuff, and then the box once you fold it back in on itself to create something.


Let’s go Looting.

First off we have a vinyl figure. This time it’s not a Funko vinyl, but instead a really pretty little Space Invader Alien with a nice ombre coloration. It’s small and neat and I like it. 20160225_190656

Then we have the monstrosity that is below. A plush Xenomorph facehugger. I love the Alien franchise (with some exceptions) and when I saw the back of this in the box I may have squee’d. I turned it over and was sorely disappointed.
Facehuggers are not cute. And also not yellow but that I can forgive. This is trying too hard, and completely misses the point of the facehugger. Some things, I agree, can be made cute and it works. This doesn’t, at all, in any way.
Beneath everything else in the box was a large elastic band, which turned out to be for the plushie.
So you can attach it…
To your face…


Next we have something I was pleasantly surprised at, though I don’t have too much use for. As you can see, it’s a Multi Pass from The Fifth Element, a film that’s recently been picking up cult status. Despite the fact I haven’t opened it yet, the packaging says the ID card inside can be removed and swapped out for your own credit card sized cards, if that’s what you want to do.


Of course, there’s the obligatory LootCrate badge/pin that is of no interest.


There’s also this LED torch, made ‘geeky’ by way of sticking The X-Files on the side and painting it black. It’s just one of those cheapo torches you get everywhere now, and certainly feels it.
I used it for a short time, and it started getting very hot very quickly. Good to have in an emergency, but ultimately of little use if you burn your hands in the process. They did include batteries in the box though. It also smelled of burning.


On a much better note, LootCrate have started including T-Shirts in every box. This one is inspired by the X-Files, which recently got a new series on Channel 5 in the UK. I have yet to discover if this one is glow-in-the-dark, as it certainly looks like it should be. It looked rather small for a Large size, but it’s my second favourite thing in the box.

20160225_190754 (2)

So what’s your favourite, I hear you ask. This is.


They are 2 prints, each A5 in size, of two classic sci-fi films. I’ve never seen The Day The Earth Stood Still, but I love The War of the Worlds. In any case, I adore old sci-fi film posters, and I love these prints.
They’re only on card, but these are easily my favourite things in the Invasion crate. I have yet to decide what I want to do with them – put them on my wall or as dividers in my Filofax (I could do both when the printer gets ink) but I shall be holding onto them for sure.

So that was Invasion. On the whole not a terrible box, and certainly not the worst I’ve seen. There are some bits I’ll keep, some I’ll probably stick on eBay or something, and the box itself will go into the recycling. I wouldn’t say it convinced me to subscribe.


Thinking that was the last I’d hear from LootCrate, I moved on with my geekiness. I noticed £20 or so missing from my account, but assumed something just wasn’t showing (the joys of online banking). Yesterday I came home to find I needed to pick a parcel up from my local post office, which luckily is in the same village as me. There I found a LootCrate waiting.
What an unexpected…surprise?

Turns out that £20 was Lootcrate taking out money earlier in the month. I was under the impression that the one month box wasn’t a rolling contract, but it seems to be the case. Off I went to unsubscribe completely.
Later that day, I opened the box with Ellen on Skype (coincidence but enjoyable nonetheless). So let’s go Looting for a second time, I guess. This time, we’re looking at February’s crate, Dead.


With the release of Deadpool and the second half of The Walking Dead Season 6 this month, this crate was full of these two franchises. In fact, I think it was only those two. Anyway, first off I dug out this little blind bag McFarlane figure. I opened it and found a Rick Grimes figure. Constructing it was a little tricky for several reasons, not least because the peg and hole for the head wasn’t a good fit so I had to carve out the hole with some scissors.


Whilst talking to Ellen as I opened this box, this was the thing I had the most to say about. Despite the construction issue, I was largely impressed with this figure. Rick isn’t my favourite character from the show, but I appreciated the detail that went into the figurine. Then I put the head on and ruined it.
The figure now just looks stupid to me. Whilst I get that things like this and Funko vinyls have a chosen style to their pieces, I wondered why McFarlance went to the effort of all the detail and poseability of the arms/head, when the whole look is then ruined with an out of proportion head?
Either go for realism, or on an art style. Trying to combine the two doesn’t sit right…



Obligatory pin. It’s a LootCrate box being a zombie, in case you couldn’t tell.


Not only did we get a little Walking Dead figure, this month we got a second one! Of course, it’s Deadpool, but it isn’t the usual Funko figure you see in these crates.
This one is from QMX. It’s very plastic-y and stank of plastic when I took it out the box. I know, the smell of an item isn’t exactly a high priority, but this was overwhelming. It’s a fairly heavy figure, as far as these things go, and Deadpool’s proportion bothers me the longer I look at him, but I think he might make a useful paperweight or ring holder. I don’t dislike it enough to get rid of it, so he stays for now.


I did warn you that the box was only two franchises. Here’s the now obligatory t-shirt. I’m fond of this one. I have yet to see the Deadpool film, but I like the slight weathering effect on the transfer of this one, and I definitely need less black in my wardrobe (most of my clothes are varying shades of black, grey or dark colours).
I can’t say I enjoy tacos quite as much as Deadpool, but this one at least looked a much more reasonably sized large than January’s shirt.


Finally in this box is by far one of the worst things I’ve seen in a long time from a LootCrate. And that includes the inflatable crown.
Please go watch Ashens discover the crown, here and then come back.
I know this is worse than the plushie facehugger. Below are some ears. Ears on a rope (and extra kitty foot, a cameo from my cat). Ears on a rope we last saw dangling around Daryl Dixon’s neck in Season 2 of The Walking Dead. These are ear soaps-on-a-rope.

Words failed me. They still fail me. Unless these smell on par with Lush soap, I am leaving them in the packet and possibly in the bin. I’m not 100% sure why I detest these so much, but I do and I don’t want them near my shower. Was there really nothing better to put in a crate to represent The Walking Dead?



And that, folks, was Dead.
Again, another box that was a little hit-and-miss. I don’t get why only two franchises were utilised here, even if they were heavy hitters of the big and little screens this month. There are plenty of other ‘dead’ franchises LootCrate could have included something from, whilst having the larger items as Deadpool and TWD. Of the two, I am more disappointed by the Walking Dead stuff. If you’re going to feature only two franchises, at least make them of equal value in the box.

Neither box really hit all the marks for me, even if you ignoring the surprise of the second box. If I’m spending around £20 on geeky stuff, I’d much rather pick things I know I like than hope that at least 1 of 4 or 5 things will be nice. I understand that they have to be able to give a wide range of stuff to hit as many customers as they can, but some things definitely weren’t worth the effort they went to getting hold of them.

Khinjarsi would like to remind folks that she is in no way sponsored, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with LootCrate, or any of the owners of any of the properties included in LootCrates. She took all the pictures herself, and yes that is her kitty cat, and no, she won’t be subscribing to Loot Crate in the future.
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