A to Z of Gaming Me: K

When I first put my A to Z list together, it didn’t take long to find an entry for K. Not that I’ve played too many K games, but there is one in particular that jumped out at me. It’s surprisingly on topic too. But as I got nearer to writing K (and considering it is already 2 weeks late), I found another game that I never completed, but I enjoyed. And importantly for me, is not trending.

I was going to write about Kingdom Hearts. But since you are all probably really, overly, familiar with it currently, instead I’m going to write about…



Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil

Klonoa 2 was another PS2 demo disc discovery. I had never played any other Klonoa game (and haven’t since oddly enough). A charming, mostly cheerful platformer, Klonoa is one of the few platformers I enjoy. Alongside the basic controls and idea of a platformer, Klonoa 2 introduced me to the use of enemies as tools and using the foreground and backgrounds as usable environments.

It also introduced Klonoa as an adorable protagonist (and amazing cosplay I saw at a Comic Con), and his weird friends and allies. Sure, they made annoying noises and “speech” (especially Popka), but they were just as charming and bright and wholseome as Klonoa.


What I enjoyed the most, and was featured in the demo, was one level in particular: Jungle Slider. This level saw Klona rushing down river on a hoverboard/waterboard and avoiding obstacles, enemies and chasing a cat figure. The mix of rushing downstream, dodging enemies and the high paced music all came together to make a fun, speedy level that still plays in my head years afer first playing.

I also really enjoy the music. There’s definitely at least 2 themes from Klonoa 2 that I can recall right now, and have stuck with me. I’m sure there would be more I could hum along to if I replayed the game.

I wouldn’t call Klonoa 2 particualrly innovative, but it was fun and heartwarming and not too challenging.

Honorable mentions


I guess I should drop Kingdom Hearts here. Square Enix meets Disney with some classic characters, a convoluted plot and the most confusing timeline in gaming history? What’s not to love?

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