30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 19


Today is all about location. Forget the action, the adventures or the horror that haunts you. Pick somewhere pleasant, somewhere kind and somewhere you can rest. A place to live, to love and to unload all that loot.

Day 19 – Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

For this topic I could happily pick some of my favourite gaming locations: the vast landscapes of Tamriel, the various wastelands of Fallout or perhaps the ever increasing lands of Pokémon. Each of these have somewhat major flaws. Live in Tamriel and no doubt you will be murdered by evil gods, dragons, an assassins guild or perhaps a glitchy corpse. Run into the wastes and you are choosing to live in an apocalyptic, nuclear wasteland. And despite the pull of Pokémon of my very own, they are perpetually being challenged to a fight, or under threat from Team whatever-the-theme-is-today. Instead I look to the lush fields of Stardew Valley.


If you haven’t played Stardew Valley, I recommend you start at Thero’s post here. After that, go play it. The Valley, as you discover (or already know) is a peaceful place, with plenty of spare land, lush forest and calming beaches to while away your days. You can spend your days growing crops or caring for your various farm animals. There are plenty of folks to meet up with, and if you still miss an adventure, there are caves to explore. Stardew Valley lets me relax and unwind, but can keep me occupied and productive when the mood is right. And when it isn’t a festival day.

Tomorrow, can you guess what my favourite genre is? No prizes for a correct guess.



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