Ellie’s Adventures With Pokemon – Part 02?

I am sorry it is late; things got out of hand and the post was delayed… It is here now though!

  • Day 02 – I think?
    I woke up this morning and the telly told me it was Summer. When I went to sleep, it was Spring and all my mum’s flowers were growing. Now, they are all basking in the sun and I’m wondering just how long I was out…? Regardless, I remembered that BancHat was going to wait for me on Route 19, so I rushed off to meet her.
    I got there with Sproinkles and HatAnca was waiting. She looked pretty pissed, to be honest, but kept her cool. She showed me how to catch pokémon by walking off into the grass and standing on a kitty’s tail. You should have heard that thing scream?!
    She beat this poor little Purrlion up and manage to trap it in one of those pokéballs and basically sent me on my way… I gotta admit, that girl has some skills. I said farewell and she shouted something back at me; I think it was “My name is Bianca!” but I wasn’t really listening since I was already up to my neck in grass.
    I mean, they call it “tall grass” but you don’t really appreciate it until you are wading through that stuff… I felt awful when I kicked a kitty in the face. Understandably, it went for me, but Sproinkles jumped in the way. He tackled the kitty to death and I felt bad; I wanted one of those.
    This was when I realised Sproinkles really doesn’t like those kittens. He just kept knocking them out. Every time I tried to catch one, he would slaughter them too quickly. He got so into it, he learnt how to set things on fire, which gave me quite a start. I’m not sure if I’m going to be such a great fit for this little guy; he is kinda angry… =/
    Eventually, I got one; I got a purple cat! =D
    I named her Purrsia and then noticed his genitals and sighed. Well, maybe next time I will pay attention when naming my pets… ^^” Purrsia was pretty beaten up from Sproinkles, so we walked back to the pokémon centre to get healed up. That place is so nice. I really like the little tune they have programmed into the machine when it heals; so charming.
    We headed back out to Route 19 and after some more pokécide, I decided I should probably deliver this map to Trevor, or at least pawn it off on someone else. That was when things got a bit weird…
    I’m walking along and then this guy shouts at me. I’m looking around and then he leaps off a cliff and lands next to me, telling me that he will teach me to be better at training pokémon. I’m thinking “How the hell did you survive that jump. That was massive?!” He starts walking around me, checking me out and I’m feeling a bit violated at this point… You shouldn’t just jump off of cliffs and start hitting on girls like that?!
    He says his name is Alder and rushes off, telling me to meet him ahead. I get there and he says he won’t help me until I have delivered this stupid map to Trevor… Come on?!
    Anyway, I am now sat under a tree, watching the world pass by, writing this entry. It’s much more appealing than seeing Trevor again!

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