Hello 2022

Hello 2022. I know it’s been a while since I wrote on video games, on life, on anything. I know the world is a mess right now, in a great many ways. But I think it’s time I come back to writing on video games and other geeky things. Perhaps it’s time to work though some backlogged games, and some games in the many bundles I bought in the various lockdowns last year. In fact, let’s make that a challenge. Specifically, let’s try to work through the hundreds of games we acquired in 2 itch.io bundles that ran in 2020 and 2021; the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid, and one that has launched at the time of writing in 2022, the Bundle for Ukraine.

Each of these bundles provided a large number of items, including games, ebooks, audio files, TTRPGS, game development assets and zines to keep purchasers occupied during the various lockdown edicts. A number of items appear in both bundles, but I will only play each thing once (there’s no point covering them multiple times). If I have a Steam version of the game, I will use that edition. There is an extraordinary amount of content, and not everything will appeal, be useable, work or be relevant (I won’t be looking at Game Dev Assets, for example), and this is likely to be a slow series. It is a series I am looking forward to doing though!

To help in my quest, I am using https://randombundlegame.com/?bundles=pb,blm&categories=Game which lists all the items in the bundles, filtered to include both and only to show downloadable video games, and not any physical TTRPG/board games. For the sake of ease, I will be mostly going alphabetically. However, I have, ahead of writing this, downloaded Night in the Woods as I have been trying to play that for some time.

For the sake of easy searching, these games will have their own category, tag and section on the navigation bar and I am calling this self-challenge “Bundle Blast”. I cannot promise these posts will be done with any regularity as these games also compete with the multitude of other media I consume, my non gaming life and my day job (Which is also changing soon!).

I’m looking forward to trying many of these games, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings after them!


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