Gotta Catch ‘Em All 30 Day Pokémon Challenge – Day 18

It’s been a little while since I posted anything, let alone a response to this challenge. Life gets in the way sometimes and forcing myself to write an entry would have made it terrible. But, if you wish to rejoin the journey, I present you the long awaited answer to who my Favourite Gym Leader is.

This one was suprisingly easy to answer, and goes all the way back to Pokémon Red and Blue. My favourite Gym Leader is Sabrina, Gym Leader of Saffron City Gym and “Mistress of Psychic Pokémon”. Although I don’t recall her being particuarly difficult to beat in the games, Sabrina is supposedly tough to win against as she can communicate telepathically with her Pokémon, despite carrying a creepy looking doll with her. For some reason I have always felt drawn to her as a Gym Leader.

Next time we level it up with my favourite Elite Four member.

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