Gotta Catch ‘Em All 30 Day Pokémon Challenge – Day 12

Keeping back on track today (despite my body really not wanting to), we have come to move on from the Pokémon themselves, and instead looking at the Pokémon world more generally. Today’s category was initially a challenge, but on pondering it a while longer, I now know what my favourite attack/move is.

The move itself doesn’t do any damage, but much like Ditto, transforms itself into something else. That’s right, my favourite move is Metronome. To quote Bulbapedia:

Metronome (Japanese: ゆびをふる Wag Finger) is a non-damaging Normal-type move introduced in Generation I. It was TM35 in Generation I. It is TR14 in Generation VIII.

Metronome allows its user to use almost any move, although there are few exceptions. It has been present since the beginning of Pokémon, although it was limited to only a few Pokémon via levelling up. Whilst many more can access it through the use of TM35 in Gen 1 and TR14 in Gen 8, it isn’t always that useful as you cannot control the attack and it will sometimes give you Splash. It is entertaining in the same way that loot crates can be (obviously without the microtransactions), giving you just a little thrill as you wait to see if your generally useless Pokémon uses something half decent to survive a fight.

Tomorrow, something I have often wondered about myself – what would I be in the Pokémon world?

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