Gotta Catch ‘Em All 30 Day Pokémon Challenge – Day 8

Welcome back to the challenge trainers, as we start a new week with the most amusing Pokémon. Thank you for your patience while I took a break – I realised I needed to build into the challenge some “buffer days” so I don’t stress myself out trying to keep up on days I don’t want to write. These days are scheduled at the end of each week, Saturdays to be precise.

Returning to the challenge, today we look at the Pokémon I find most amusing. It took a little bit of a think – what do I judge amusing to be? Is it the way the Pokémon looks, the noise it makes, the personality it has? In fact, it turns out I find this Pokémon’s ability to be the most amusing – Transform,

Yes, that’s right, I choose Ditto as the most amusing Pokémon. Whilst it just looks like a pink blob, Ditto’s Transform ability provides a lot of entertainment value both in the Pokémon universe and in real life. Let’s take a look to see what I mean.

The pink (or blue) blob that is Ditto has one ability – Transform. On it’s own it can’t do anything, but once it uses Transform Ditto can become pretty much anything it likes. Your imagination I am sure can run wild here, but the reason I find Ditto amusing is when it doesn’t quite get the details right. Here’s where the amusement moves into the real world. Like most Pokémon, Ditto has plushie forms. Here’s an example from Amazon

But then the Pokémon Centre released some plushies that were Ditto versions of other Pokémon. They look like the Pokémon they are supposed to be, except there’s something a little off with them.

They are a mix of adorable and also slightly uncanny valley. And the fun doesn’t stop there! There’s a Ditto chair you sit on, even if it’s slightly weird.

And there’s even more fun with Ditto if you mix him into other Pokémon with the Fusion Generator and create Ditto-fied species. The fun doesn’t stop with Ditto!

I hope that the slimey (maybe? I think Ditto is slimy but smells of raspberry) blob has brought a little amusement to your day. Join me tomorrow as we take a look at what my favourite type is. I doubt it’s a surprise.

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