Gotta Catch ‘Em All 30 Day Pokémon Challenge – Day 7

Have you recovered from the terror of yesterday’s entry reader? Well, I hope today we can help reduce that fear by revealing the Pokémon I think is the most adorable

There are a great number of Pokémon that could be entered for the most adorable entry. Even if we remove any I have already mentioned (Shaymin for example), there’s still a lot to choose from, and the decision is made even harder with the characters in the anime often having cute voices or personalities. Axew is one of my favourites in the anime but it’s not so adorable in the game. However, today’s choice is equally adorable on the TV screen and the DS.


Yes that’s right, the mighty little Piplup! Ok, Piplup are very proud Pokémon, and evolve into the badass Empoleon, but until then, are adorable little penguins. Dawn’s Piplup in the anime is particularly cute as he has a fun rivalry with Oshawott (also cute) and has a similar personality to me; I like food and have a short temper.

Tomorrow we step even further away from the scary Banette to find the most amusing Pokémon.

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