Gotta Catch ‘Em All 30 Day Pokémon Challenge – Day 5

Hello Trainers and welcome back to the Pokémon Challenge. Today we have a look at some of the rarest Pokémon, Legendaries! It is here I will quote the Bulbapedia page on Legendaries/Mythic Pokémon:

In Japanese media, Mythical Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon have always been presented as distinct groups. In non-Japanese media prior to Generation V, Mythical Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon were both considered to be Legendary Pokémon (and the term Mythical Pokémon was unused, with some fans calling Mythical Pokémon “Event Legendaries”, reflecting how they usually must be obtained at an event); since Generation V, the two groups are presented as distinct groups in all official media. In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Mythical Pokémon are referred to as rare Pokémon.émon

I grew up with the English language versions of the games, and consider all Mythical Pokémon to be Legendaries. With that in mind, can you guess my favourite?

If you know me in real life, this may be an easy guess, but it’s the Gratitude Pokémon, Shaymin! Shaymin is an adorable little grassy hedgehog Pokémon with little flowers on its head. It’s adorable and gives off an air of serenity, and appeals to my love of nature. It’s of course much bigger than a hedgehog but I imagine it smells of spring and freshly cut grass. I do prefer Shaymin’s Land Forme but I am also fond of the Sky Forme, a braver and more assertive form.

And from this adorable picture we go into tomorrow’s post on the most terrifying Pokémon! Prepare to be spooked!

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