Hello 2020 and other ramblings

My dear fellow readers, Completionists and other non-specific fans. Welcome to 2020 I suppose. I already kicked off the year being very late with my final Backlog Attack, but I want to take a look at the past year and what I hope the year ahead brings. I found reflecting on 2018 useful, and rereading it today was insightful. As it’s my birthday month, what better way to mark my extra year on this blue (is it still blue?) rock we call home?

A few reflections on 2019
I did not blog a lot in 2019. After committing to a new year-long challenge, I found myself playing games less because I wanted to and more because I needed to write about it for the aforementioned challenge. I stopped enjoying games. I’m sure you can tell in the later Backlog posts, and I had to make a decision in how I went about playing those games; did I want to try to keep strictly to the monthly schedule and really not enjoy the games or take longer in playing them, play a few games I wanted to play (mostly Borderlands) and give a fairer look at the backlog games? In the end the latter choice won out and although my posts were often late out, I felt like I gave most of them a better shot than I would have done had i forced myself to play to a schedule.

I’m not sure why that was ever an issue looking back as I’ve often said that I tend to do more creative things when I’m not pressing myself to do it. My drawing suffers when I force myself to do it, my writing does and my mental health does too.

Another thing I learned (perhaps more accurately, relearned) was that life is too short for bad books, films, games and people. I felt with this in mind I could be more honest in whether I was enjoying a game or not and if games were worth carrying on with. I use this with my book reading and recently returned a book to the library that I wasnt enjoying a third of the way through. I find stopping films partway through when I’m not enjoying them harder (I watched The Silence and was bored halfway through but carried on) but it’s something to work on.

Taking a more personal look at 2019, I had a rollercoaster of a year. Massive ups and incredibly tough blows through the year but it ended on a positive place. At the start of 2019 I was working through the last few months of my job, leaving in April to go elsewhere in the company at a higher level. In hindsight, whilst leaving the first job was the best thing to do, the second was absolutely the wrong job with the wrong people at the wrong time and it triggered a lot of issues. Quitting that job and resting/recovering for a month was what I needed to do, and ended up putting me in the right place for a new job in the July which I still love and am grateful to have.

In fact, that new job has lead to me exploring VR in both a professional capacity and at home, something which I hope might work its way into future posts.

I had CBT sessions during 2019 for my mental health and although it was a long wait for those sessions (mental health support in the UK is patchy and lengthy at best) I am glad I persevered with them. Luckily I haven’t had a properly bad patch for a while but I am hopeful some of what I learned in those therapy sessions will be useful.

I found myself a Player 2 in between all of this, who shall go by Treebeard (hes very tall). Whilst this caused some intense friction at home early on, things have settled a bit and my family have started to accept my new relationship status. My hospitalization in particular contributed to this as Treebeard came to see me every chance he could (he works on site) which I think showed my family that we are serious. I’m now looking forward to meeting his family and towards our future adventures. I might even try to rope him into a UC cameo.

I hope to be able to write more on the blog (and maybe even get back to Dragon in a Dress). I do miss sharing my thoughts on games, and I certainly want to return to Khinjarsi’s Korners as I enjoy writing those. I have a post in mind to share my thoughts on Borderlands 3, and potentially Treebread has thoughts to share too.

I’m looking forward to 2020 – a new year brings new challenges and growth, and hopefully renewed interest in gaming and writing again. I plan to return in the near future, not least with a Khinjarsi’s Korner.


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