Backlog Attack! – 2019 Challenge – August

As summer starts to fade away for another year (good!), I’ve tackled another game from my Steam backlog. Although I’m a little late posting my August entry, I can see that Thero is falling behind a bit but I’m trying to stay on track as much as possible, and especially because October is set to be a busy month for me.

So, what Thero’s pick for me this month? Party Hard – a murder-stealth-disco game from Pinokl Games in which you are a very angry person who hates other people having fun. OK, so your neighbours are having another loud party and this one is the one that makes you snap. It’s the one that starts a series of party based killings, which become known as the Party Hard killings.

Play time: 54 minutes
Achievements: Yes
Steam Trading Cards: Yes
Enjoyed: Nope
Would recommend?: Not personally, but that’s just my opinion

I have to be honest. I watched a Many a True Nerd playthrough/review of this game, and thought I’d really enjoy it. I didn’t hate it, but I found myself once again playing enough to write about and not really wanting to play it to play it (if you see what I mean). That’s not to say it’s an inherently bad game, but I found after just one level I didn’t care all that much and the levels felt too similar for me to engage much.

You control an unnamed character, revealed through a little retro style cut scene, who really doesn’t like people having fun and really wants the neighbours to turn the music down. Unnnamed character eventually snaps and goes on a murder spree at various parties across the land, killing partygoers in a variety of ways – or the same way if that tactic work – and earning the name The Party Hard Killer.

You run around setting traps and triggering objects in the world to snuff out life; beer kegs, cars, trees, ovens and much more can all be set to fall over, explode or otherwise get out of control and help that body count go up. Do it quietly and sneakily enough and the partygoers won’t notice their numbrs dwindle, but get too trigger happy and the police will arrive, chasing you down until they can slap a pair of handcuffs around your wrists.

And so goes every level. Avoid the cops, kill the noisy youths and move onto your next targets. Sure, there’s some kind of plot playing out in the cut scenes, but I wasn’t engaged and didn’t really care enough to listen. Speaking of listening, I wasn’t hugely impressed with the soundtrack – it’s very generic 80s electronic. I’m not saying 80s electronic music is bad, but it was a little too generic to catch my attention or really even have it on in the background.

Final Thoughts
I didn’t enjoy Party Hard. I’m almost sad to say I didn’t, but open to the fact that I tried it if nothing else. I can’t recommend it because I didn’t like it myself, and I feel that once you’ve got some tactics sorted, you’ll likely get bored. I recommend having a go, but I won’t be picking up the sequel.

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