Backlog Attack- June Challenge Update.

…Yes, I’m very late with this post. I’m really sorry!

Image source: The Darkside Detective‘s Steam store page.


Play time: 2 hours and 36 minutes.
Achievements: I earned seven of the thirty achievements available.
Steam Trading Cards: Yes.
Enjoyed: Sort of.
Would recommend?: If you love point and click games or if it was on sale.  

I’m starting to think I’m getting a little burned out on point and click games, at the moment. Everything about The Darkside Detective should appeal to me. It’s a game about a detective who investigates the supernatural goings-on in his town and it has a quirky sense of humour. Unfortunately, I struggled with this game.

Image source: The Darkside Detective.

Initially, I was enjoying The Darkside Detective. It had paranormal goings on and a retro art style, with an episodic gameplay style. Then the ‘jokes’ started to grate on me. In the first episode. These jokes are the sort of jokes that would be classed as ‘dad jokes’- full of puns and not very funny. I can deal with a few bad puns, but when each episode is full of them, as well as reusing some of them in different episodes, it starts to wear out your patience. At one point, I did find myself skipping some of the dialogue, which is something I rarely do, this demonstrates how much it was getting on my nerves.

Image source: The Darkside Detective.

The other thing that I noticed was that the puzzles in each episode were actually really easy. They reminded me a lot of the Usborne Puzzle Adventure books that I read as a child, as the puzzles were pretty straightforward. With the puzzle difficulty being quite low, the rest of the game turns more into an interactive story, as you click through a lot of unfunny dialogue.

Image source: The Darkside Detective.

That is not to say that I hated playing The Darkside Detective. I found the world that the developers had created to be interesting and I wished there was more of an opportunity to explore it. I also enjoyed the fact that each case was its own separate story, giving the game a feeling of an anthology. I may pick The Darkside Detective up again in the future but for now its going back into the depths of my Steam library.

If you like bad puns and shows like The X-Files, then you’ll love The Darkside Detective. But if you prefer for challenging point and click adventure games, with puzzles that will make you work for the csolution, then this may be a miss for you.

As I was quite late with this post, you’ll see me again quite soon when I’ll be talking about my July pick, Monster Prom. See you then!

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