Fortnite Season 09 – Week 10 UPDATED!!

Here we are.
Week 10 is here and we shall soon be out of time…


Week 10 Challenges

Putting our sadness aside, lets see what Epic served up.


Oh, this is a fairly straightforward end to the season. The largest challenge for me was the first one. This involves you using the latest weapon, the Air Strike. It is a legendary weapon, and as a result, I simply couldn’t find any. Two days later, I finally managed to complete the challenge, but it basically comes down to random chance. Fuuuuuuuuuuun.
Challenge four asks you to find posters which are huge and it seems that you just have to move near them. They look like this:


I was just wandering around the Pressure Plant and the quest progress filled up whether I noticed the posters or not. Easy!

LTM Challenges

I completed the 14 Days Of Summertime, so I’m not sure how much longer it has. What I do know, is that there isn’t anything new.


Week 10 gives us the final loading screen of the season. Here it is:


As with the even-numbered Utopia challenges, there will likely be a Fortbyte linked to this screen, or rather the description.


Not quite sure what to do with that vague description.


Despite the vague implication off being far away from Lonely Lodge, the Fortbyte is located in a cabin at Lonely Lodge. On the western edge of Lonely Lodge, there is a little cabin and the Fortbyte is maxing and relaxing in there.




Oh boy… Do we have a lot to cover…

Fortbyte #05
To the northwest of Lucky Landing, you will find a small industrial complex in the snow biome. One of these warehouses has been turned into a nightclub, though it has seen better days. Despite the dilapidation, you will see that the dance floor still flashes and in the middle you can see our dancing queen. Bust out a Laid Back Shuffle from the battle pass and the Fortbyte will be yours.



Fortbyte #28
An actual puzzle, of sorts. Skydive to the southeast of the desert biome to find the junkyard. On the east-most wall of the compound, the exterior wall houses the puzzle; Simon Says! Complete three chains of colour sequences and the Fortbyte will succumb to your intellect.



Fortbyte #34
Just north of Fatal Fields, you will find the iconic knife and fork cut out of the earth. If you head down the handle of the fork, you will see that there is a cave connecting the two excavations. It is inside here, that you will find the microchip, floating with glee.



Fortbyte #37
You will need to find a hidden disaster bunker in Pleasant Park for this Fortbyte. It turns out that most of these houses have basements and bunkers, but only one has the right bunker. Along the northern side of the park, there is a red house which sits atop the disaster bunker.


You can find a hole beneath the staircase which will allow you to head down to the bunker. Follow the tunnel to the bunker and then you will find the Fortbyte around the centre of the area.



Fortbyte #40
For this chip, you will need to use the Demi skin from this season’s battle pass. You will then need to head over to the desert biome to find the sundial. However, you will actually need to go to the edge of the desert biome, just east of Fatal Fields. On top of a small hill, you will find a makeshift sundial, constructed from rusty cars. The Fortbyte will be floating at the northern point.



Fortbyte #45
Complete all the challenges from Season 9 to earn this mega-chip. Get going, you don’t have much longer!

Fortbyte #56
As is the course, complete six of the seven challenges from Week 10 to earn this Fortbyte. Easy!

Fortbyte #83
To acquire this Fortbyte, you will need to head to the east coast of the map. At the base of the jungle biome, you will find a small area of farmland on a hill and it is here you can find Fortbyte #83.



Well, that wraps up for now. I will try and update every couple of days for the last few Fortbytes. Other than that, this is the end of Season 9. Thank you for reading along and I hope you found these guides helpful.
Parting is bittersweet, friends.


Fortbyte #21
Head back to the Northwest point of the island and find the Fortbyte inside the metal llama, just north of Junk Junction.



Fortbyte #23
Located between a campsite, a gas station and a footprint, you will find this Fortbyte. This location is a hilltop overlooking Loot Lake.



Fortbyte #27
You will need to head to A4 on your map to find this microchip. The Fortbyte is literally just outside the top-most house of Snobby Shores. I don’t think they really tried with this one…



Fortbyte #29
Back to the snow biome for this one. On the coast, west of the frozen lake, you can find a lodge amongst the trees. This is Crackshot’s Cabin and inside here you will find an untimely Christmas Tree with the Fortbyte beneath. Easy!



Fortbyte #33
This was the Utopia Fortbyte outlined above.

Fortbyte #38
Equip the final skin of the battle pass and head to the north most sky platform. This is located next Lazy Lagoon and will require you to enter the top section. Easy!



Fortbyte #94
You will need to equip the Scarlet Scythe pickaxe for this Fortbyte and then head to the frozen lake in the snow biome. On the western edge of the lake, there is a large, submerged building which you can break into. Go up the stairs in this building and there is a wall-mounted canoe which you can smash with the pickaxe, revealing the Fortbyte.




And with all of those Fortbytes, we have finally completed the mystery!


When you return to the game menus after completing all 100 Fortbytes, you will earn a loading screen, revealing the truth of how Season 09 will end.


Let’s see if the Unvaulting-esque event for Season 09 will be less disappointing and more inclusive than Season 08’s! Wheeeee-ha!

All screenshots were captured by Ellie and her foxy friend via the Nintendo Switch. The game depicted is owned by Epic Games and the log is owned by Foxy, the fox.

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