Fortnite Season 09 – Week 08 & Week 09 Guide

Here’s the thing, reader. I didn’t have internet last week, thanks to my ISP. In fact, the west of London didn’t have any internet…
Good job.
Which is why we are combining two weeks into a single article. OMG!


Week 08 Challenges

This week, Fortnite brings a whole new challenge to the fray; a glitched challenge. Wheeeee-ha!



The spooky challenge of the week involves visiting three clocks across the map. If you have been keeping up with the content during the season, you will already be thinking of the holo-clock in Neo-Tilted and that is a sure fire clock.
Then, if you were thinking along the same lines as me, Happy Hamlet would be next on the list. However, heading over and durdling around the tower you will find that the obvious clocktower does not count towards your challenge progression. Oh no!
All is not lost, as there are two other clocks that, after some fumbling around, do count and complete the challenge. Making paths over to Sunny Steps you will find a sundial in the centre of the area. Jump around it and you will add that to your progress.
The final, secretive and somewhat awkward clock is located over in Junk Junction. This clock is broken and lying against a broken tower on the southwest corner of the compound. I visited this a couple of times and it didn’t register for the challenge. Eventually, I decided to just jump around the clock tower in frustration and that completed the quest, so I recommend a similar approach.


Week 09 Challenges

This week was pretty straightforward too.


The only thing I can really help with is locating the solar arrays in the second challenge. You can find these at Frosty Flights, Paradise Palms and at the base located north of the Pressure Plant. Everything else is down to you.


LTM Challenges

During the last two weeks, the 14 Days Of Summer event  has been going on. Surprisingly, it is running for more than 14 days, but okay.

Style Challenges

Demi unlocked and immediately earned all items due to the requirements already being earned. As long as you have been following along, this should be the same for you.


Week 08 follows the usual suit for Season 09. It gives a clue to a Fortbyte location found within the description of the Loading Screen.



From the description, we can that the Bar Bros are mentioned, so logic would suggest that is where to go. Head over to Lucky Landing and you will need to head up to the first floor of the store to find the Fortbyte hiding amongst the gym equipment, getting stacked.



The Utopia challenge from Week 09 gives us a visual clue to a battle star, hidden on the island. Let’s take a look at the loading screen!


Amongst the graffiti of the skate bowl, you can see that the battle star is floating above a car behind some velvet ropes. Some sort of prize, per chance?
Heading over to Mega Mall and entering via the front entrance will provide the context needed. There, you will find a display car behind some velvet ropes, and climbing onto the roof will have the battle star expose itself and grant you a tier in the battle pass.



Good job!


Oh boy… Do we have a lot to cover…

Fortbyte #04
Much like the previous skydiving Fortbyte, you will need to equip a specific contrail: the Plasma Trail. Jump out of the battle bus around Loot Lake and fall through the rings that will appear. After falling through all four, you will have the Fortbyte added to your collection.


Fortbyte #11
To find this microchip, you will need to first find a parrot in the jungle biome. Until this point, animals have been scarce in Fortnite, but the Fortbytes seem to be generating life across the island. Interesting…


East of the Pressure Plant, you will find a clearing in the tree line which will grant sight of the elusive parrot. Head to the centre  to capture the life-giving chip.



Fortbyte #15
This is the same as many Fortbytes before it. Complete six challenges from the Week 09 Challenge list and get another Fortbyte. No problem.

Fortbyte #18
Located in a shed between Mega Mall and Dusty Divot, this Fortbyte is a straightforward grab and go. Just to the west of the slip-stream station. Wheeeeee-ha!



Fortbyte #20
This Fortbyte tries something entirely new. You will find it located at the centre of the first three Storm Circles. This means it will be at different locations every time as the circles are unique to every match, however you do get three chances every match. Time to go and chase some storms!


Fortbyte #43
Having demanded us to dance like a chicken, the banana loving Fortbytes want us to return adorning the flesh of their deity and retrieve them from peel’s banana shop. Head back to the south east of Neo-Tilted to locate the shop and, as long as you are wearing the Nana Cape, the microchip will give itself to you.



Fortbyte #52
I didn’t mention before, but the Pressure Plant has been built into a robot factory and seems to be assembling an anti-kaiju mecha. With this information, you know this is where to head for the next Fortbyte. Located on the assembly floor, on the southern side of the central area, you will find the microchip floating towards the eastern corner. Use the Bot spray and the Fortbyte will reveal itself.


Fortbyte #53
This Fortbyte has proven to be the most troublesome microchip, to date. If you have a friend who plays the game, I recommend calling them in for this one.
You need to head to the laboratory located inside the mountain, northwest of Snobby Shores.


On the ground floor, you will find a disco ball attached to two sections of disco floor. You and a friend will both need to dance on a platform to elevate the ball to it’s peak, thus revealing the Fortbyte.
I had a nice player add me as a friend and help out with this. Hooray!


Fortbyte #60
To get this Fortbyte, you will need to use the Sign Spinner emote, from the battle pass, in front of the Happy Oink restaurant. Now, this isn’t entirely accurate, as you will find the Fortbyte located behind the counter, inside the restaurant.


As for the restaurant, you will find it located in my favourite location, Happy Hamlet, on the north side of the town square.



Fortbyte #62
You will need to have unlocked the Stratus skin for this Fortbyte. With the skin adorned, if you head over to the western coast of the island, you will find the abandoned mansion south of Lost Lodge. The Fortbyte can be found on the ground floor of the mansion.



Fortbyte #63
Located between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields, this sneaky Fortbyte can be found maxing and relaxing on a garage forecourt. Wait, what?
The garage is located just north of Lucky Landing.



Fortbyte #67
This is another gliding Fortbyte, requiring the use of the Retaliator glider. This set of rings should be located beneath the southern-most Sky Platform, just north of Fatal Fields. As far as I can tell, there is a visual glitch across platforms. I managed to get lucky with a match where the shapes loaded in, but I have been trying this one for almost a week.


Fortbyte #75
This Fortbyte is located over in the one and only airport of the island: Frosty Flights. Head to the west most hanger and the Fortbyte is floating solemnly in the southwest corner.



Fortbyte #86
This is the classic Fortbyte for the week of it’s release. Complete six challenges from the Week 08 Challenge list and get a free Fortbyte. Easy, as usual.

Fortbyte #97
You will find this hidden in the Utopia loading screen from Week 08. Well, more so the description.

Fortbyte #100
Big oof for big boy 100. Unfortunately, it isn’t a big challenge. To get this Fortbyte, you will need to head to the top of the tallest tower in Neo-Tilted. Break through the roof and it is floating there, surveying it’s domain. Not for much longer though!


Phew… That was a bit of a journey, eh?
One more week remaining and then we will be done with Season 09.

All screenshots were captured by Ellie and her foxy friend via the Nintendo Switch. The game depicted is owned by Epic Games and the log is owned by Foxy, the fox.
Don’t forget that you can keep up with Upon Completion via the Twitter @UponCompletion

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