Backlog Attack! – 2019 Challenge – May

I’m a little late with this entry in my Backlog Attack readers, and for that I apologise. I recommend reading Khin’s Korner 7 for a better explanation of where I’ve been and why everything is late this month but it boils down to poor mental health and the fact that I really didn’t enjoy Kathy Rain all that much.

Play time: 80 minutes
Achievements: Yes
Steam Trading Cards: Yes
Enjoyed: Surprisingly not
Would recommend?: If you like old school point and clicks, sure. It’s not my thing though.

Thero really wanted to give me some variety in the types of game I was playing for Backlog Attack, and she definitely met that challenge this time round. I was expecting to be able to work through Kathy Rain without too much bother, even if it didn’t necessarily bring me great thrills. I wasn’t expecting to get nearly 2 hours in and not want to carry on.

Let me set out a key thing here, before I get going. I don’t think the game is inherently bad. If point and click adventures/mystery solving games are absolutely your jam, jump right into Kathy Rain and enjoy it all. My issues with the game aren’t technical and the plot is fine. I just really struggled to get on with it.

You play as the titular Kathy Rain, a young college girl who returns to her home ground for a funeral. From then you end up trying to figure out a mystery surrounding the grandfather she has just said goodbye to. To do this you need your mouse, and maybe a point-and-click mentality. Like all point and clicks, there can sometimes be a bit of a logic battle between what you know needs to happen and how the character gets to that point. The game does assume you are familiar with how these things work as there are no real instructions or guidance.You have objects in your inventory that Kathy has on her already (her smokes, her lighter and her notebook), and a motorbike you can use to get around.

I found the controls a little fiddly to work with, although some part of that is the art style of the game. It’s styled to look like it’s from the late 80’s/early 90’s in that kind of artful pixellation games like to have, and this makes working out details a little tricky, but it’s manageable. Having said that, I do like the art style and there are some pretty scenes to be found. The audio is pretty good too, with the characters being fully voice acted (although Kathy grates on me a little sometimes), and the music fits well with the scenes and “action”.

My major issue, as I mentioned before, is that it’s not the game genre for me. There are point and click style games I do work through because I enjoy other aspects – hell there’s plenty of games tagged as Point and Click on Steam that I love. I guess the core reason I didn’t enjoy Kathy Rain was because I didn’t care. Maybe I’m in the wrong mental state at the moment to enjoy it more, maybe it just doesn’t give me enough to hook me in, but this isn’t a game I want to play anymore.

In Conclusion
I didn’t enjoy this, for whatever reason. It’s not at all a bad game, so if you know you like this type of game, I do recommend taking a look. I just don’t care enough to spend more of my time on it.

Next month, Thero and I will get together to decide our next block of games for each other, and I will be playing Psychonauts if it will run!

One comment

  1. Shame you didn’t enjoy this, as Kathy Rain is a favorite point-and-click of mine. It’s definitely not for everyone! Hopefully next month brings you more luck. I may join you in your efforts to play Psychonauts, as that’s been on my own backlog for far too long.

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