Fortnite Season 09 – Week 04 Guide

Well, Week 04 of Fortnite is out and they still haven’t fixed my fox’s jaw. It is nightmare fuel, Epic. Please fix her…
Also, there are new challenges so you know what is coming now!


Week 04 Challenges

Here are the challenges for week 04.


We have a couple of trickier challenges, this week. Most notably dancing in food-based locales and getting eliminations with legendary weapons. Let’s take a look at these!

The second challenge is a multi-stage challenge which will send you to numerous fast food outlets across the island. These all have large signs on their roofs and, unfortunately can be destroyed, with the exception of the Tomatohead. You just need to get to the sign and use a dance emote to earn credit for the challenge.
First, you will need to visit the Tomatohead sign located at The Mega Mall. This is a hologram and its elevated, so you will need to build some platforms to get inside of it.
Second is the holographic Durr Burger sign in Neo-Tilted. This is at the top of a tower so it is probably best to land on the roof, quickly build a ramp and dance before someone destroys the antenna… Because someone will. I recommend axing them as quickly as you can, to send a message. Grrrrr.
Finally, the giant dumpling is located in Lucky Landing. This is a physical sign and you will need to land atop it, to get credit. You can build up to it, but I found every match, the first person who landed there, destroyed it. Very frustrating.
All locations are marked on the map below.


The third challenge requires you to get eliminations with legendary weapons. It isn’t hard to complete once you find a weapon, but that is where the challenge lies. I believe in you all, though. Get that weapon and bring legendary vengeance upon your foes!

The fourth challenge of the week requires you to destroy a new addition to the island; loot carriers. These fly around named locations and drop a bundle of loot when shot out of the air. The targeted locations will be highlighted in yellow text and are randomised each match. Destroy one in three different matches to complete the challenge.


The final challenge requires you to visit five named locations in a  single match. I managed this by finding a vehicle or dropping in and out of the main slipstream. It is straightforward, but can be frustrating if you get caught by a gun-crazed adversary.

With those out of the way, that is the fourth week of challenge completed. Good job!

LTM Challenges

Nothing new for LTM challenges as the Downhill Drop is still running.

Style Challenges

Unfortunately, I haven’t unlocked any new skins with styles. However, collecting all the Fortbytes is unlocking lots of shiny options for Rox! I’m close, but no cigar…


The Utopia challenge is the same as Week 02. Just complete all the challenges from four different weeks. However, while Week 02 had a Fortbyte challenge tied to the loading screen, Week 04 doesn’t seem to have one, despite unlocking a new loading screen.
For what it is worth, I really like this loading screen:



Unlike the absences of content in the previous sections, the list of Fortbytes is pretty long, this week, with 9 new ones.


Fortbyte #16
This Fortbyte is located in a  building which has all of it’s entry ways blocked with chairs.


You can find this in the village to the south of  the desert biome. Break down some of the furniture and you will be able to find the Fortbyte on the ground floor of the building, tucked into a corner.



Fortbyte #31
To find this Fortbyte, you need to locate an area overlooking a meteor crater. Hmmm….
Well, Dusty Divot was hit by a meteor, hence the crater, and has a visitor’s centre on the northern edge.


Head up to the visitor’s centre and you will find the Fortbyte floating just in front of the information sign. Can Fortbyte’s read?!


Fortbyte #32
For this Fortbyte, you need to equip a certain item, much like the Sentinel and Rox skin requirements, previously. This time, you need to equip Kyo, the adorable robot kitty. Take her for a walk, up to the northern edge of the map, to locate this electronic unlockable.


You may remember Season 08 had you travel to the furthest cardinal directions of the map. It is the same place, this season, but for a different purpose.


Fortbyte #50
Last week had us visit the Desert during the day and this week has us finding a castle in the night. Up to the east of Haunted Hills, you will find a ruined castle atop a mountain. On the western edge of the castle, there is a small section of corridor still standing and the Fortbyte is tucked away in there. Just wait for night to fall and the little guy will be yours. Are these Fortbytes tourists? Is that what is happening here?



Fortbyte #54
Well, this one is not very interesting. Just complete the challenges as you would for Utopia and you get this Fortbyte for free. Wheeee-ha!

Fortbyte #74
This tricky chip is hidden away on the eastern edge of the desert biome. What was once a house has become a palatial mansion. After entering the main hallway, head to the northern end of the house and a door will be on your left. Going down these stairs leads to a secret bunker and the Fortbyte is located inside one of the filing cabinets.
I smashed up the cabinet as enemies were landing on the building and I didn’t know how much time I’d have, but I’m not sure if you need to.



Fortbyte #77
There are a handful of race tracks on the island; Happy Hamlet, Junk Junction and Paradise Palms. As with most of the Fortbytes, this week, we are going to the desert biome. On the south-east corner of the track, a food stand is located. Smash your way in, or walk around the back, to gain access to this delicious Fortbyte.


Maybe grab a taco while you’re there?


Fortbyte #79
This Fortbyte is located in an arcade and The Mega Mall has one of those. Let’s go there! On the first floor of the mall, you will find an arcade on the eastern side of the structure.


Hiding at the back, playing games instead of going to school, you will find this cheeky Fortbyte.



Fortbyte #88
This was the first Fortbyte I was somewhat daunted to find. Having  a singular map reference seemed like quite the challenge…. Until I saw how much land was actually present in this space.
After exploring the house, I turned to face the island and saw the Fortbyte sat there, just floating in the open. Very disappointing.



And that, my friends, is all we have for this week. The lore of the Fortbytes and what they want with our island is growing. Maybe we will discover their true purpose soon. In the meantime, don’t feed them at night!

All screenshots were captured by Ellie and her foxy friend via the Nintendo Switch. The game depicted is owned by Epic Games and the log is owned by Foxy, the fox.
Don’t forget that you can keep up with Upon Completion via the Twitter @UponCompletion

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