Fortnite Season 09 – Week 03 Guide

Season 09 of Fortnite continues to move along with more licensed events and a third week of challenges. “What do we have this week, Ellie?”


Week 03 Challenges

Here are the challenges for week 03.


This week’s challenge are all straightforward, though there is a slight rise in the skill curve required, compared to previous weeks. That being said, this does feature the first challenge that requires a Battle Pass reward.

The first challenge requires you to play around with the different vehicles across the map. Stage 01 utilises the hoverboard, Stage 02 asks you to use the quad bike and Stage 03 is open to interpretation, but I found the orb-ball-rolly-thingy to be the most efficient vehicle for breaking structures.

The sixth challenge demands some skill with explosive weapons which can be tricky if they aren’t to your taste. I managed a few lucky grenade kills, Junkrat-style and then I found a boombox for the last kill. I feel the Boombow is the way to go, but everyone is different.

The seventh challenge asks you to deal damage with five different weapons in a single match. Personally, I didn’t fancy my chances, so I completed that during a Team Rumble match. The respawns don’t reset your progress, so you can stack some weapons and stack some kills. I did find that grenades don’t count, so that is something to keep in mind.

The final challenge of note is the fifth. This demands you to have achieved tier 35 on the Battle Pass and have the associated Flying Disc toy.
Once you have it, you need to throw it and then catch it before it hits the ground. After some experimenting, I found the best strategy was to throw the Disc directly up and then walk forward. The disc doesn’t fly directly up, but the angle does cause into almost boomerang back to your character.
After a few failed catches, my success came when I jumped to catch it, though I’m not sure if that is a requirement.

LTM Challenges

With week 03, came the second LTM of the season; a rollerblading themed tie-in with Air Jordans.


Honestly, I’m not super hyped about the challenges and given how they are timed, I didn’t fancy leaving you all hanging in suspense.

Style Challenges

I have nothing new to offer, this week.


In the same vein as the first week, after you have completed your weekly challenges, you will unlock a new Utopia challenge; to find bonus Battle Star hidden via a loading screen. This week’s offering is:


This one is probably the trickiest clue so far. After examining the graffiti closely, the star can be found and then you can work backwards from their.


I remember seeing some overloaded camper vans last season and vaguely recalled seeing one around the northwest of the map. I went to investigate and actually stumbled upon the location. Not before getting one-shot by some opponents though.



After climbing to the top of the stack, you will find your battle star and be completed with the weekly challenges!



On to everyone’s favourite section with a silly name; FORTBYTES!
As well as adding new challenges during the week, you can see that Epic have added a progress bar towards the next Fortbyte-adjacent reward. A nice touch, indeed.


We have several new additions and you can start to get an idea of what the picture might be, as pieces are being revealed.


Fortbyte #06
This week has seen several Fortbytes require you to use certain emotes, emoticons or sprays from the season’s Battle Pass; chances are that this will continue across the season. Using the Yay! emote at the ice cream shop in the desert will grant you the fort byte.
Start by heading over to the racetrack north of Paradise Palm.


Head through the front door and the Fortbyte is in front of the ice cream bar. Use the Yay! emote and the frosty fort byte will be yours!


Fortbyte #07
This Fortbyte functions similarly to the last one, but uses the Cuddle Up emoticon instead. You can find this one located north of Loot Lake.


After heading to the umbrella (which I thought was a pickaxe) the Fortbye can be found at the bottom of the handle. There is a mineshaft at the bottom of the hill and the Fortbyte is above the entrance. Easy enough!


Fortbyte #08
This Fortbyte can be found in the central building of Junk Junction. It is floating above a rough-looking mattress and doesn’t require anything from you, other than your unconditional love, for the rest of eternity. Easy.



Fortbyte #22
Unlike our previous microchip friend, this Fortbyte does require you to have the Rox spray. With paint in can, you need to head to an underpass in Neo Tilted and drop a tag to earn the affection of Fortbyte #22.


The underpass is on the western side of Neo Tilted and the Fortbyte can be easily seen if you approach from the southern entrance.


Fortbyte #42
This Fortbyte is kinda like a meta achievement for the weekly challenges. It only requires six challenges to be completed, so I guess Epic didn’t want players to feel pressured to grind to Battle Tier 35 for the Flying Disc. Again, a nice and easy Fortbyte!

Fortbyte #72
The final Fortbyte for this guide is located in Salty Springs. This one took me quite a while to find and was final located by my friend. After raiding all the houses, he stumbled upon the cheeky chip hiding inside an overturned vehicle, towards the centre of the area.


I struggled to access the Fortbyte and had to destroy the vehicle to access it. My friend didn’t have such a trouble, so whether you want to indulge your appetite for destruction is up to you.
The blue marker should lead you to the technological marvel that is, Fortbyte #72!


And that is everything for Week 03 of Season 09. There is a new LTM which I didn’t fancy covering as it has gated quests and I can’t commit to updating the article every time some new challenges are added; I am sorry.
If you really want a bunch of skateboards on your back, you should give it a shot though; hell, I’m sure you already have. ^^

With all that said and done, I will catch you all next week with the next array of challenges and Fortbytes!

All screenshots were captured by Ellie and her foxy friend via the Nintendo Switch. The game depicted is owned by Epic Games and the log is owned by Foxy, the fox.
Don’t forget that you can keep up with Upon Completion via the Twitter @UponCompletion


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