Fortnite Season 09 – Week 02 Guide

Season 09 of Fortnite seems to be going down well as the neo-future sweeps across the island.
A new week means more challenges have been unlocked, so let’s look at how to get the new battle stars and earn more battle tiers! Also, we shall look at the new Fortbytes!


Week 02 Challenges

Here are the new challenges available in Week 02.


Again, a lot of these challenges are straightforward, although there are a few tricksy ones. The first challenge requires you to use Air Vents to boost around the map. The easiest place to find these is on top of Sky Platforms, but they can also be found on the roof The Mega Mall and Neo-Tilted buildings.

The only real challenge that will use problems is the fifth one which requires you to visit multiple landmarks from previous seasons; an oversized phone, a big piano and a dancing fish trophy.
The oversized phones were used in Season 08, so I knew where to go for them. I visited the one on the northern coast of the island, above Lazy Lagoon.



The giant piano is from Season 07, where players were tasked with playing a Christmas Carol across the notes. That isn’t required this time, though. This can be found on the Eastern coast, below Lonely Lodge.



The final location was the dancing fish trophy. This proved quite troublesome for me, as I found it during a match and didn’t even know. I eventually discovered that it was located to the west of The Mega Mall, and had been relocated by the volcano’s eruption at the end of Season 08.



And with that, the rest of the challenges can be easily completed in group modes like Team Rumble or Squads.

LTM Challenges

With week 02, came the first LTM of the season; a tie-in to John Wick 3.


Wick’s Bounty has a small array of challenges which offer players the chance to earn a new glider, some back bling, a weapon wrap and a small pile of experience.


The mode, itself, is quite a lot of fun as it combines four-life elimination with a bounty system and sets teams the goal of earning 500 coins. Everyone starts with the controversial Combat Shotgun and Tactical Assault Rifle and are reskinned in, what I assume are, suits from John Wick. I’d be okay with getting the female skin at a later date.
To complete the LTM, you should probably get a full team of friends together, or hope to get lucky in solo queue, like me.

Style Challenges

Unlike the addition of the LTM, there isn’t really much to say about the style challenges. I have now unlocked Bunker Jones, though, so let’s take a look at his quests, since we are here.



Hmmm, more Fortbyte related unlocks. It almost seems like these are an important addition to this season…


After completing all of the challenges from week two, you will unlock the week’s Utopia challenge and bonus loading screen. Well, actually, unlike Season 08, you don’t have a challenge for the week. Instead, you will now be able to complete an associated Fortbyte challenge; to find the Fortbyte hidden in Loading Screen 02?!
Well, we had better have a look at that loading screen!


Oh, there really isn’t much to look at here… After spending 5-10 minutes explorin the image closely, I decided to have a think. It was at this point, looking at all of my loading screens, that I saw the description for the image….


Well, that is a lot less cryptic…?! I guess we better head to the Dino Park. Players of Season 08 will remember dancing with the dinos at the end of the last season.



After getting here, just head through the building, to the cliff overlooking the sea and there will be the Fortbyte; floating, waiting for your love and affection.



While we are on the topic of Fortbytes, we might as well round out the guide with the new additions to the Fortbyte board. I addressed a couple in the update to my first guide, but I think I will save them for the following week, moving forward. Let’s see what we have!


We have several new additions and you can start to get an idea of what the picture might be, as pieces are being revealed.


Fortbyte #13
See the Utopia challenge above. Weren’t you reading??

Fortbyte #17
This was an easy task for me. I happened to see the giant fish as soon as it was added onto the map and knew it would be utilised for something, and also make for a cute rendezvous location in team games. Evidently, it has proven to be useful on both accounts.
You can find our aqueous friend in the hot springs, located northwest of the Pressure Plant.



Upon reaching Mr Fish, you will find the Fortbyte located inside his tail section. Keep in mind that the water will impede your movement, somewhat, so be careful if others are around when you are approaching.

Fortbyte #55
This fort byte is located in Haunted Hills, the spooky cemetery of the island. I actually stumbled upon this fort byte, as it is so easy to find; surprisingly so. If you head into the crypt in the north east corner of the cemetery, you will find it floating.


This Fortbyte is very similar #36, last week. You must have the Rox skin equipped to be able to interact with the Fortbyte. You then need to locate Stunt Mountain and get the Fortbyte. Easy!


Stunt Mountain is located south of Pleasant Parkand is probably approached easiest by your initial skydive.


Fortbyte #81
This one is located down in the desert, on the southeastern corner of Paradise Palms. fortbyte_81_01

Atop the mesa, you will find an arrow of cacti and off to the side there are some bones. Within the dry bone ribcage, you will find your tasty Fortbyte!


Fortbyte #82
I found the clue of this Fortbyte to be quite misleading, given the reality of it. I was all excited for pressure plates and using my intellect, however it turned out that there was no puzzle here; just a party requirement.


All this “puzzle” needs is a group of four people. Three to hold the buttons down and one to collect the Fortbyte. Rotate and repeat. Now, the challenge here is to get your team to cooperate, or hope the kindness of strangers will allow you to collect your Fortbyte before being murdered.


It turns out that trying to do this on opening day was… fatal, for some.


Fortbyte #92
This final Fortbyte had a nod to the skin-specific challenges of Rox and Sentinel, except now it requires a spray. This spray is unlocked at tier two of the battle pass and is called Rock Love.
All you have to do is find the destination “by a lava fall” and then place the spray in the immediate area of the Fortbyte. This was very easy for me to find as the sprays stand out amongst lava flows.



And that is all I have for this week. Quite easy, compared to last week, but I realise part of that may have been just adjusting to the new Fortbyte system. Also, I have been  learning how I want to write these guides.
Anyway, go and get your Fortbytes! ^^

All screenshots were captured by Ellie and her foxy friend via the Nintendo Switch. The game depicted is owned by Epic Games and the log is owned by Foxy, the fox.
Don’t forget that you can keep up with Upon Completion via the Twitter @UponCompletion

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