Backlog Attack! – 2019 Challenge – April

Welcome Completionists, to the second set of Backlog Attack! games for Khinjarsi.
If you are new here, I recommend starting at the beginning and read through all the existing entries. For veterans, welcome to April-June’s set of games! As before, Thero and I have got together and chosen 3 more games (and a backup when requested) from our respective Steam libraries to play through. It should be noted that after a point-and-click heavy first quarter, I asked Thero for a bit of variety for the next three. Well, she definitely delivered!

Without further ado, let’s look at April’s Backlog Attack for Khinjarsi:
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Play time: 6 hours
Achievements: Yes
Steam Trading Cards: No
Enjoyed: More than I thought I would
Would recommend?: If you like cartoon gore, dark comedy games and/or speedy platformers, yes (but only if you can deal with the controls)

Initially I didn’t think I’d like Hell Yeah all that much. I’m not a massive platformer fan, and the visuals aren’t really my style either. It’s a game I would expect my brother to be playing, not me. After a largely disappointing time with my last platformer, I wasn’t expecting miracles. I was pleasantly surprised.

Once I had wrangled my controllers to work – and the game recommends a controller to play – I was presented with a loudish, colourful and fairly smooth platformer. Mixing dark humour with 2D action platforming and not too taxing controls, Hell Yeah quickly became mildly addictive. I found myself playing “just one more level, one more mini boss” with this game, something I rarely find in non RPG games (in which I play, “just one more quest”), and it made for a definite change of pace against my other games.

You play Ash, the bunny prince of Hell. Ash is on a mission, set by himself to himself, to kill monsters in retaliation for some dodgy photos leaking out (or something? The game occasionally comes back to this when Ash chats to bosses) His weapon of choice? A large circular-saw blade/jetpack which is also his main method of getting around. Ash also has a sort of sidekick-cum-butler, Nestor the Octopus who likes to wear a variety of hats. and who conveniently turns up with tutorials, hints and new powers.

And so, off you go, sending Ash forth into the various areas of Hell, including a Casino and space, beating up monsters and in turn opening locked doors as you rack up increasing numbers of kills. You unlock access to “The Island”, a side area in which you make all those monsters you defeated work for you, supplying treasure and healing during the game.

Of course, it would be remiss of me, cynic that I am, to not pick out some issues with Hell Yeah. I’ve faced a couple of boss battles where I tried so many times I nearly gave up. (Note: nearly). There’s a lot of backtracking as you get more access to powers and beat ever increasing numbers of bosses. The customisation element seems fun but short lived. There’s a lot of cartoon gratuitous gore.

The controls take a little getting used to, as Hell Yeah uses a mix of platformer and twin-stick shooter controls, which can get a little confusing during the heat of battle. Although these weren’t popular with the critics, the minor confusion and chaos they can cause fits well with the style of the game. Battles often end with a mini game triggering a super-attack; some of these are easy and simple and entertaining, others are awkward and unexplained and easily failed, which does Ash damage and means you have you try it again.

And that’s largely it for issues I have faced, and some of those aren’t massive issues that stop my enjoyment of the game.

In conclusion
If you can manage to get a handle on the controls, and can deal with the bright colours and cartoon gore, there’s a fun platforming game here with elements of Super Meat Boy. I’ve certainly enjoyed Hell Yeah much more than I enjoyed Flat Kingdom.


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