Khinjarsi’s Korner – Issue 6 -Spring 2019

Spring has sprung dear readers, and Khinjarsi has combined March and April’s media intakes into a super post. As always, here are the things Khin has been up to recently.

March was a difficult month – working through my months notice at my job and also fighting my mental health issues.
I haven’t done a huge amount media wise, and mostly just watched youtube and played ESO during the jesters festival.

April started marginally better as a week’s holiday between jobs gave me the mental (and physical) space to chill out with a friend who isn’t offended if I read or play video games while we watch trash TV.


Fallout for Backlog Attack March – I wrote about Fallout over on the Backlog Attack page, which can be found here.

ESO – With a 3 month PS Plus subscription running, I jumped back into Tamriel in time to join in with the Jester’s Festival, completing prank based quests and getting slightly irritating items. The Elder Scrolls is currently celebrating 25 years, which means ongoing events in ESO. I’ve managed to largely completely Malabal Tor, and have moved to Khajiit friendly Reaper’s March.

Rusty Lake series – crossing both browser games and Steam, the Rusty Lake series is an intriguing set of games, some room escape, all point and click puzzles. Weaving a curious and sometimes confusing tales based around Rusty Lake. Hard to explain but strangely moreish to play.

Ratchet and Clank 3 Vita – I’m still chugging away at the Ratchet and Clank series on Vita. Having a week holiday with a lot of self imposed down time has helped take some chunks out of this game. I don’t know that it’s my favourite R+C game, but it’s oddly important to me that I finish this.

Hell Yeah! April Backlog Attack – I was pleasantly surprised at Hell Yeah, and you can read why here.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth – another one I’m still chugging away at. Once I bought a PS Plus subscription, this one went on the back burner, but I’m sure it’ll come back once that sub runs out.


White Gold – I don’t know why I was drawn to this, but I binged both series (1 on Netflix and series 2 on BBC) fairly quickly. It’s classed as a comedy and although I enjoyed the show, I wouldn’t say it was rip roaringly funny. It follows a group of UPVC window salesmen, who aren’t all that good at selling. Think Chancer meets The Inbetweeners.

Dirty John – a Netflix adaption of the podcast Dirty John (which I have listened to). It took me a couple of goes to get into it and I knew ultimately what was coming, but it was still a fairly good adaptation. I would recommend watching it if you are new to true crime, but if you’re well versed in all things creepy and murdery, maybe just go to the podcast.

RuPauls Drag Race 11 – I wasn’t planning on watching this until there was a few more episodes up but on holiday my friend and I starting watching Pose, and she was very confused. Rather than try to explain everything, it turned out easier to watch RuPaul (which she had also never seen). Luckily, she enjoyed that and it was quickly consumed. Now I have to wait for more episodes.


Pose – This was up on BBC Iplayer and both me and my aforementioned friend wanted to watch it (see above re RuPaul). I’ve since watched some more of it and although I haven’t finished it yet, I am enjoying it and found the Christmas episode to be the best one so far.

The Keepers – back to the true crime, I finally watched The Keepers on Netflix. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be and it’s frustrating that nothing was really resolved (a la The Staircase), but it’s worth a watch if you are into your true crime.



The Autopsy of Jane Doe – I think this came up as a result of seeing it was leaving Netflix? I wasn’t even set up for watching a film but suffered sitting at my desk as I was hooked fairly quickly. Not as “horror-y” as I would have liked, but I was really impressed and if you like psychological thrillers, give this a chance.


A few sample pages of various books – occasionally Amazon offer samples of books that I’d like to read but also I’m not sure if I will enjoy how they are written. This is where samples are useful, and I have, in the past, bought a book after reading a sample. In the most recent batch, there weren’t so many I wanted and I faced one particularly pointless sample from Damaged Goods: The Inside Story of Sir Philip Green, in which the sample was literally a list of names of people who are mentioned in the book. Really not helpful at all.


The Rats – James Herbert. I have previously read The Fog by James Herbert and really enjoyed it. I’ve been wanting to read The Rats for a long time and absolutely devoured it on holiday (no pun intended). It was easy to read and horrific and everything I wanted and expected. James Herbert is quickly becoming a favourite.

Dungeons and Dragons

I mentioned in a previous Khin’s Korner that I had joined a DnD group run by The Lawful Geek. Since then we have had a few sessions which have been puzzling, entertaining and challenging in various amounts. Even on the days where I don’t feel 100% or where the dice gods are ignoring me, I’ve enjoyed spending a couple of hours in a haunted mansion solving graveyard puzzles. If you want to follow along, you can watch the streams over on Twitch or the Youtube uploads.

And that’s all for March/April folks! Little bits of games here and there, bit of reading and watching. Having a week holiday with one of my besties really helped clear some brain fog and get some reading in, and as the weather gets warmer I hope to get outside and read more. Don’t worry, this is Britain and I’m sure there’ll be days that keep me holed up with the Playstation. For now, Khin out.

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