Khinjarsi’s Korner – Issue 5

And so, with a bluster and the wheelie bin down the road, February comes to a close. I realise I’m a little late on this issue but I’ve been busy at work and needed to not look at the computer for a while. I have, however, found time to play some games and devour some media and here’s what I thought about them.

Hitman – this was on PS Plus for February, and I’ve been meaning to play a Hitman game for years. Apart from a brief look at a playthrough by Nerd Cubed and/or Many a True Nerd, and a play of the demo, I hadn’t touched the 2016 version of IO Interactive’s Murder Em’ Up. During Feb I picked it up, and although I’ve found it frustrating at times, I’m working my way through it slowly.


Steep is, quite frankly, a surprise. I am not a sports game fan, and not a massive fan of real life sports either (even my home rugby team isn’t exactly astounding this season). But Steep was getting some attention on my Youtube feed, and also in reviews, AND was in PS Plus. So off I went to investigate the slopes. Actually, as I write this, I find myself wanting to write a longer post about this so I’m going to stop there.


Fallout – the original. This is March’s Backlog Attack game, so I won’t say much here, and you’ll just have to wait until my full post at the end of the month. You’ll need to read the manual.

Plague Inc – I picked this up on occasions to try to get some more plagues running wild on the world (it kind of needs one). I’m trying to win a Necroa Virus simulation and struggling, but have taken to speeding through some of the official scenarios.

Sunless Sea – Another game I’ve returned to recently. My captain is still poking around the depths of the Unterzee, and trying to keep starvation at bay.

Two Point Hospital – A little like Plague Inc, I’m trying to chip away at this game in shorter bursts, particularly when I’m doing other things. I’m struggling to 3 star Flottering Hospital (where it introduces the training room), because I keep spending more than I should in promotions.

Persona 4 Golden – I am on my New Game Plus run through of P4G, something I think I’ve mentioned before. I love this game, and since I already know the story and have maxed out some of the Social links, I’m using this playthrough to explore other Social Links and try to complete my Compendium.

It’s not all been video games and backlog attacks this past month. I’ve tried to get through some of my to-watch list, although Netflix have brought out some interesting looking programmes recently that are just making my list bigger. However, I’ve started working through:

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo – I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up a while ago, and took some of her ideas on board (mostly the keeping things that spark joy). I watched the first episode of the recent Netflix series, and was largely unimpressed. At some point I’ll give the other episodes a go I guess, but I have a few issues with Episode 1, from the family involved to how the Konmari principles are put across in the programme.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes – another recent addition to Netflix, The Ted Bundy Tapes introduces interviews and archive footage of Ted Bundy and his heinous crimes. I like my true crime, and although every true crime programme and podcast examines Ted and his actions, they all recycle the same information. Sadly, as well narrated and put together I felt this series was, I feel it got a lot of hype for nothing new.

Bonus Round!
Also new to February (and going forward) is my involvement in a Dungeons and Dragons group online. Kevin from The Mental Attic put out a request for new players a few weeks ago, and since I haven’t a physical group but enjoy DnD, particularly the role playing aspects, I asked to join. Skip ahead those few weeks and my character got her intro/Episode 0, ready to meet the existing gang shortly! I also managed to rope a couple of real life friends (one of whom normally DMs) into joining in so I sort of get the best of both worlds. Thank you to Kevin for letting me in!
For those of you interested, I’m playing a Tabaxi Bard.

And with that, February is over. March will see new Backlog Attack games being chosen and the final of the first three being played. There will be D and D sessions through the month, as well as a whole raft of games to play. See you then!


  1. I actually ended up discovering the original Fallout after playing Fallout 3, and I have to say I like the former more. The turn-based gameplay stood out to me more than the first-person gameplay of Fallout 3, though the latter was good in its own way.

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