Backlog Attack- February Challenge Update.

Its the end of the second month for this backlog challenge and dare I say it, its going pretty well for me! Its still early days but so far, I’ve managed to take on every game that Khinjarsi has thrown at me. Let’s take a look at my thoughts on Maize, my February pick.

Image source: Maize’s Steam store page.


Play time: 3 and a half hours
Achievements: None.
Steam Trading Cards: None.
Enjoyed: Yes!
Would recommend?: Like with The Sexy Brutale, only if it was on sale.

Maize is a first person adventure, puzzle game set in a remote and undisclosed rural location. You wake up in a field of corn and from there, you must uncover the mystery surrounding these fields and farm buildings. Trust me, there is more this place than first meets the eye. Soon, you’ll be uncovering government secrets involving sentient corn, a Russian teddy bear and a workplace rivalry unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

What mysteries like within?

I don’t want to go too far in talking about the plot, as I think part of the fun of Maize is just uncovering how crazy the plot can get. In all honesty, I loved the absurdity of it and how it seems to keep giving the player even more epic plot twists right up until the very end. Despite being a rather short game, I found that the plot didn’t out stay its welcome and I actually felt that the game wasn’t giving me ‘filler’ content to pad out the game play time. One thing I would advise, make sure you read all the post it notes and notes on the items you pick up, as this is where much of the backstory is explained. Plus Maize’s quirky humour really shines through here.

An example of Maize’s sense of humour…

Maize’s strengths lie not just in its plot but also its characters. Each one of the cast has a unique and memorable personality. My favourite character from the game has to be Vladdy, the Russian robotic teddy bear. His sarcastic and often downright insulting comments will be your constant companion throughout your adventure. In fact, at the moment, he is competing with Rabbid Peach from Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, as my favourite supporting character of 2019!

This guy does not have a high opinion of you, American made items… or anything, to be honest.

As for the puzzles, I have to say they were kind of easy. And this is coming from someone who is absolutely useless at puzzle games! Out of all the puzzles, only two really presented me with any issues and that was only because the solutions were convoluted and not as obvious to work out. Unfortunately, this does impact the game time, which you can see from my stats above. I don’t honestly think you can stretch this game past four hours and even then, you are really stretching it. At the moment, on Steam, Maize is being sold for £14.99, which is too much for the amount of gameplay, especially when there is little reason to replay the game once you’ve finished.

However, that is honestly the only negative to Maize, that I have encountered. The plot is fantastic, the humour is spot (at least for me) and the games runs great. At the end of the day, I would recommend you play Maize but only if it is in a Steam sale. It pains me to say it, as the game is a solid gaming experience but I don’t think the length of the game justifies its price tag.

So, that was Maize! I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than The Sexy Brutale, so I guess things are looking up! Come back next month to see if I managed to finish my third game in the challenge, Domina.

See you soon!


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