Games That Define Us -That Massive Collab Project

Evening all. Hope this wet and wild November evening finds you all well. Tonight I am appearing only briefly to share something I have been sat on for over a month now.


My post sharing what Fallout 3 means to me; how it defines me as a player, how it has changed me and why I am grateful to all involved for making it, sharing it, loving it. My post features in Day 27 of this massive collaboration hosted by Matt at Normal Happenings. I am honored to have been involved in this project, and urge you all to go and read all of the entries released so far, and return for those to come. A lot of awesome people have contributed memories, fears, hopes and regrets and it is humbling to be part of it all, and a part of the community generally.

If you are familiar with my writing and want to start here, feel free to follow the link – Matt has put a huge amount of time, effort and energy into setting the posts out just so, and I cannot do it any better:


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