Khinjarsi Korner – Issue 3

Fair winds to you readers and welcome to the third Khinjarsi Korner. Join me as I review the past month or so in gaming, reading and general media consumption. Last issue is available here.

We are definitely hitting Winter now, my favourite of the seasons, and before long I’ll be shopping for Christmas gifts, hot drinks and donning cozy loungewear in the evenings. Of course, one of the best things about the foul weather and dark evenings is the chance to curl up with some media!

So what have I been up to?

Forma8 – a little metal spaceship gets various shoot and shield abilities to kill things and solve puzzles. This was cute for a while but I quickly got frustrated. A little too “artsy” for my liking.
More Ratchet and Clank 2016– I’ve done Challenge Mode, got all the weapons and upgrades and done as many achievements as I can. I know I don’t have the patience to get them all, but I enjoyed my time with Ratchet and Clank.
Curses and Chaos – This was a fun little fighter but it didn’t really hold my attention for very long. It needs more players I think.
Extreme Exorcism – a curious little game that, like Curses and Chaos, I’m sure is more fun with multiplayer
Elder Scrolls Online – I’ve played a few short bursts here and there and unlocked a few spooky things from the latest event. I’m currently in The Rift but I find it intensely dull. I’m disappointed with Riften (it’s my favourite city in Skyrim) and I find the overall Rift plot/mission boring.

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster_20150225153430

FFX/X-2 (steam and vita) – I only played this on Steam for the trading cards. Both games ran fine, but I realised how fun and peppy FFX-2 was (and is)
Plague Inc Evolved – This was installed as a little game to play when I have shorter amounts of time. I enjoy watching the world fall into plague related chaos but boy can it get challenging!
Two Point Hospital– I come back to this every so often because I’m trying to three star a particular level and always expand too quickly. I really enjoy the game though so I don’t mind.
The Room 2 – A quick puzzle game to get off my backlog. I find The Room games challenging but not too taxing, and they have just enough of a creepy atmosphere to play on a cold November night.
House of Hell – this is basically an interactive digitised version of the Fighting Fantasy book House of Hell. I adored these books when I was younger and had quite the collection. The series recently had a reboot and received some new entries, and now I regret losing some of the collection. This aren’t the most difficult games to play but finding the end can be challenging.


Nailbiter Vol 1 – quite enjoyed
Morning Glories Vol 1 – liked the idea, not a big fan of the execution
Revival Vol 1 – loved and immediately bought Vol 2
Southern Bastards Vol 1 – Didn’t really enjoy.
Limbo Vol 1 – this was an interesting read and I think I enjoyed the bits I followed. I found the story a little jumbled but loved the idea and aesthetic
Mirror – This started well, but I quickly lost the plot, couldn’t keep track of the characters (many of them look similar) and therefore finished it feeling confused.
Nowhere Men Vol 1 – World dominating corporation does shady things and it starts going wrong? I’m in.
Once again, I have failed to make any progress in my film collection.


The Haunting of Hill House – amazing, heartbreaking, spooky. If you are even slightly into horror/pscyhological drama, I really recommend this. If you’re going to watch it, please have a cushion or stuffed anmal to hold because your heart will break so many times. Also, adult Luke is hot.

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As the nights draw close, be safe and stay warm. I’ll see you next time.




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