A to Z of Gaming Me: X and Y I’m skipping two letters.

My dear Completionists, welcome back to A to Z of Gaming Me.

After much discussion and debate with gaming friends and checking a million different lists, I have not managed to find any games beginning with X or Y that I have played to write about in time for these entries. I could have forced myself to play X-COM, or Yooka-Laylee, but neither particularly appeal, and I ‘m not going to enjoy playing or writing about games I feel forced to play. So, I encourage you to spend the time you would have spent here doing something for yourself. Make that cup of tea you were going to make an hour ago. Go soak those sore muscles in the bath, or read that extra chapter.
Then next time, I will be back with the final letter in the English alphabet, and the last official entry in A to Z of Gaming Me. See you then.

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