Khinjarsi Korner – Issue 2

Hey Completionists. This is Issue 2 of updates from Khinjarsi. Once again I’m going to reveal what I’ve been up to when I’m not churning out the occasional post, and give you a glimpse into the past month or so.

As I write this, it definitely feels autumnal. It’s been raining a lot and the mornings certainly feel colder than this time last month. Not that I need an excuse to sit inside consuming media, but I do prefer winter over the heat of summer.

So what have I been up to since Issue 1?


I haven’t made a huge amount of progress with games. If anything, I’ve been stricter with myself in removing games that I don’t enjoy and don’t have the time or energy to complete, and instead spending time playing the games I do love and actually want to play.

On PC:
Reus was uninstalled from my Steam library as it really didn’t hold my attention and it felt a game where you have to throw hours in to get anywhere.

Reigns too was uninstalled. It’s a good little game but I found myself clicking through options to fill out the achievements and not really connecting with the game anymore.

Political Animals is still installed as I try to persuade the last couple of Steam Trading Cards to drop. I neither love nor hate the game, and it will certainly get removed once those cards get into my inventory.


Learn to Fly 3 was uninstalled; as fun as it is for a free game, I wasn’t enjoying the achievement grind.

The most played game this month so far on PC has been Two Point Hospital – yes I gave in and bought it. It’s a fantastic spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital, and I regret nothing when it comes to that game.

On PS4 and Vita, meanwhile:
King Oddball. I’ve dabbled in this occasionally on trains and such, but I’m getting bored even thinking about it. This might be a 100% I stop aiming for.

The Elder Scrolls Online – I’ve gone off this recently and haven’t been doing much beyond picking up the daily bonus gifts. As grateful as I was for Sept 30th 100k gold, I think I’ve overplayed this recently so I don’t mind leaving it for a while.

Counterspy – Despite trying far too many times, I cannot seem to get past the final level. Sadly, this meant I stopped enjoying it and gave up. It’s still on the PS4, but I don’t know whether I care enough to pick it up again.

Ratchet & Clank™_20180925173939

Ratchet and Clank (2016) – This was started on a whim. I started it on the 23rd of September and completed my first run through this morning (6th Oct). I have to say I REALLY enjoyed this re-imagining and think I’ll probably play Challenge Mode at some point – I’ve started Challenge Mode (essentially a New Game Plus) already, the first time I’ve done that in a game for a long time. It’s nowhere near as frustrating as the original Ratchet and Clank, although it took me a fair few goes to beat the final boss.

I had a go with another game from PS Plus, this time spending a short while with Absolver. This one wasn’t my cup of tea, although I felt like I gave it a fair shake. It’s a martial arts-RPG that threw too many tutorials too close together and offered me little to hook me. It’s a shame because I thought the art style was pleasant, in the same way I enjoy spending time in Bound.

Another World_20181010222503

An indie PS Plus game I have enjoyed, however,  is Another World (20th Anniversary). The original Another World was released in 1991, telling the story of a man who ends up on a different planet when an experiment that looks suspiciously like the Large Hadron Collider goes wrong. Through sidescrolling platforming and cut scenes, you must guide this man and help him survive.  At first I didn’t really ‘get’ it, but I’ve spent a hour or two with it, and despite there being little to no communication between characters, I actually want to see it through. The 1991 graphics have got an optional upgrade, which looks fantastic, and it’s pleasingly frustrating. You may hear more of this game. Between draft and final edit of this post, I’ve 100% completed it, despite the frustrating “Cowboy” achievement.

On Vita, I’ve been picking at Ratchet and Clank 3. I remember some of it from when I played it as a youngster, and I haven’t got very far at the moment, but boy are there so many distractions in the game!
Whilst at EGX, I dabbled back into Persona 4 Golden, where I am on my New Game Plus in the Heaven Dungeon. Despite it being a bit grindy at this stage, I love being able to explore other relationships in the game with a second playthrough and am trying to complete the compendium.


Nothing of note since the last update. I’m at 16/35 for my Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge, so I may need to throw in a few graphic novels to help reach my total.



The Conjuring
The Conjuring 2

Instead of going to see The Nun, myself and some friends went back to the beginning and watched The Conjuring, which I enjoyed but also felt underwhelmed with. I watched The Conjuring 2 on my own, and (since I already knew a bit about the Enfield Haunting) enjoyed more.  Next in this universe to watch will be Annabelle I think.

Blog posts:

I’m slowly coming to the end of the A to Z of Gaming Me, with V published on the 7th October. The last few entries may be a bit out of sync as we get nearer to MCM London Comic Con at the end of the month. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for any updates!

Since the last Khinjarsi’s Korner:
A to Z of Gaming Me: T
A to Z of Gaming Me: U
A to Z of Gaming Me: V

I’ve also been pondering a refresh of the theme we use at UC, so if you see some changes around here, please don’t be shocked. I’m also in the process of updating the About and A to Z pages.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this spooky month. If you plan to trick-or-treat or party like it’s 1759, please stay safe as the nights get shorter and darker. I’ll see you next time.

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