A to Z of Gaming Me: P

The choice for P was a difficult one. I flip-flopped between my options for a while (something I could do without in this heat), and writing was put off for a long time because of exhaustion and the heatwave frying the UK right now. I’ve decided to write this one a little differently. I’m going to give each of the three games no more than 100 words to sum up my thoughts and my history with the games. That way I don’t have to sit with a warm laptop for too long and you guys don’t have to sit reading it for too long.

from: http://www.syfy.com/sites/syfy/files/styles/1200×1200/public/2018/07/p4gposter.jpg?itok=EKngEf4y&timestamp=1531237969

Persona 4

Welcome to the Velvet Room:
A dive into mythologies, tarot, friendships, mysteries and murder. I wa introduced to Persona 4 at university and have never looked back since. Once you get past the typical 3 hour introduction that never ends, Persona 4 presents a sprawling mystery set in a high school – complete with after school clubs, studying and underage drinking! If shooting yourself in the face wasn’t quite your style, perhaps whacking enemies with golf clubs and spanners is.  Just remember to pack extra steak. Also, there’s an excellent dub from Hiimdaisy. Dream cosplay: Yukiko.


Pokemon Gold/Silver

By far the best entries into the longrunning series, Pokemon Gold and Silver started the eternal expansion of the Pokedex (although 251 was just about manageable) and brought with it some of the now core elements. New types, a 24 hour clock (complete with battery issues resetting saves) and, most importantly, breeding, all arrived in the series with this iteration. Even with so many core games released now, Gold and Silver are still considered to be two of the best games of the series, if not in gaming generally. Favourite Pokemon: Pidgeot/Charizard

from: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/400/header.jpg?t=1512752294

Portal + Portal 2
These two get a combined entry because they both have excellent voice acting, match my dark sense of humour, and do nothing but bring frustrated joy in my life. I have played Portal more times than I know, and I would happily pick it up again. Portal 2 brought more puzzling greatness, and they are some of the best games to introduce people to gaming with. OK, so maybe if they don’t do so well with motion sickness, flying through portals at a million miles an hour isn’t great. But I enjoy it! Because I’m a potato.


The next entry in A to Z of Gaming Me will be R. I have searched and searched for a game beginning with Q that I have played but I cannot find any.


  1. Good choices for this. I haven’t played any Persona game so far but I have heard such good things about them.

    As for Q I can only name one game that I can remember playing beginning with that letter (Quantum Break). To be honest I can’t think of many others either.

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