A to Z of Gaming Me: M

In this unending but gloriously unusual UK heat, my presentation for M is a game I wrote a whole piece on.


I won’t retype the thing here, and I urge you to spend a cooler moment or two reading the entry on my favourite M game: Myst.

What has come from thinking about the letter M was that I am terribly disappointed by Micro Machines World Series.


  1. I just got Myst as part of a collection and am really looking forward to trying it. This and your post you linked to make me want to start it soon. Though I think I’m going to keep a notepad next to me just in case.

    Also I know someone who seriously agrees with you on Micro Machines World Series. The disappointment was just the only feeling I saw from them. I didn’t try it after seeing their reaction to it.

  2. Gog have just released Myst 3 and 4, and a collection of quite a few Myst titles. It’s good to see it getting some love in the digital era.

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