The Judge’s Decision: High Score Haute Couture: The Gaming Catwalk 


Judge: Khinjarsi
Experience: Wears clothes, play games, drinks coffee, wataches RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Hello fellow fashion fans, and I’m glad to see so many of you turned up and out for the Haute Couture final. I have the honour of being asked to provide my thoughts and opinions on tonights final fashion duo, and I hope you’ll all stick around long enough for the results. No nipping off to the bar or to watch the news whilst the results come in. Agent 42 is on hand to help should things get a bit rowdy. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to head into this wormhole here to read Pix’s entry or into this portal over here for Chris’ entry.

Both our finalists put on some amazing (and possibly life threatening) performances tonight, but it looks like almost everyone has at least one eyebrow intact.
Good job I have some fire-resisant socks on today! Now that the fires have been extingushed, and the stage lights lowered whilst the panel makes some decisions, let us consider our choices.

Repede – the good boy.
Repede chose to open his catwalk with a focus on the colour blue. A fine choice and a colour that has a vast range of shades to utilise.


The contrast between his darker fur and the shock of blue in his head was of particular note here, and his blue grey snout was looking good and healthy. That smirk ladies, gentlemen and other non specifics, was aimed right at the judges’ table – this hound knows where to look to get maximum points.
With this opening walk, Repede was also showing off his scars, proud of his looks and his past. Hey, there’s something for everyone folks. To end off this strut, Repede gave us all a good rendition of his battle howl, which clearly made a few of us jump tonight. However, it didn’t gone down so well amongst the Felyne in the room..

I’m not sure the audience were expecting a shower this evening. I’m sorry Repede, I have to deduct some marks for that. I love dogs, but I don’t want to smell of wet dog, thank you.


One thing this doggo knows how to do is accessorise. Not only had he brought along a faux pipe, I definitely saw that Dr. Robotnik had his eye on that golden ring at the end of Repede’s tail. Even his assistants were glamorous, although clearly didn’t want to outshine the cunning canine.
As we moved into the final stage, it was clear that Repede was winning the audience over.

Finally, we had Repede’s chance to show us what Haute Couture really is. It began with the subtlest of changes, one I don’t think some of our audience noticed. But the judges panel certainly did.
The lights dimmed and this canine king was clearly preparing for a massive, unforgettable finale.
The audience were enraptured, the judges clearly deep in thought.


Repede had left a lot to consider tonight, and it will be a hard choice to choose between the two. I recommend the audience restocks at the bar while we review our notes.


Samus – the armoured one

Trying to best Repede tonight is Samus, who I automatically gave points to for the use of Jeff Wayne’s Eve of War. Anybody using that soundtrack gets kudos from this judge.


Samus quickly made use of our lighting crew today, giving them a lot to do in a short amount of time. All of their technical know-how came together to reveal a blinding and resplendent armour, the crowd stunned into silence (including Navi I see).
With just one step, the crowd was back with Samus, cheering her on as her armour disintergrated before their very eyes. And what a reveal that was ladies and gentlemen! Samus clearly has body-ody-ody and legs that go on forever (of course, assisted by those amazingly high heels she had on). How on earth she could walk in them, let alone do those gymnastics, I do not know.

Where we had Repede show off his singing skills, we saw Samus showing off her dance moves. What had Samus got planned for us?

We had an unexpected rain earlier in the show, and now we are treated(?) to a snow shower. The poor audience look a little miserable at this. And that impressive display was only part one!


Part 2 came with the introduction of lasers and the colour green, enhancing Samus’ intense eyes. Utilising the lasers was an interesting trick, until we realised that she’s actually playing them. As neat a trick as it was, I’m unimpressed – this is a fashion show Samus, not a tech display.
I’m sorry to say I was largely unimpressed with this part 2 display, as she came back once again to her Zero suit into Power Suit movement.
However, she then moved into somehow showing off all her suits in one sequence, which was astonishing given how fast we were moving through the set, until she finished in a full suit of heavy armour.


We come to Samus’ last part, and last chance to tell me why she should win. The audience were on the edge of their seats, eager to see what that cabinet was for.
Pinball ladles and gentleworms, Samus was playing pinball! And she brought a friend. Reflecting, perhaps knowingly, Repede’s accessory focus, Samus’ choice of accessory was her weapon and sh was showing it off tonight. Another light show as the beast disappeared, and Samus began to bring her show to an end.

Not a hair out of place as she removes that helmet, and she showed her final Power Suit deactivating. It’s always interesting to see how these designs work and she found the best moment to do this.
Returning again to the blue Zero Suit, the final few moments were upon us.
With a twirl and a leap, fireworks launched as Samus landed fist down as her Power Suit appeared one last time.


Well, what a show that was viewers!! Who knew our finalists could put on such a show? Please, grab a fresh drink, take a toilet break and we will be back after these messages.

Final Summary from Khinjarsi 

I will start with Repede. Whilst there was a lot of focus on accessories, including assistants, I appreciated the emphasis your movements and performance placed on the few items you were showing off. I didn’t really appreciate the shower or wet dog smell, but the puppy pictures went down very well.

Samus, you had a larger focus on your clothing – there were a few costume changes, but I would have used the Zero/Power Suit combo less often. The more its’s used, the less special it is. Whilst I enjoyed the light show, this is a fashion display my dear, not a rave.

Final Final Results

I have made my decision. My winner of this years High Score Haute Couture – The Gaming Fashion Show is… Repede!



Tadpoles and gumballs, please put your hands together, open them and put them together again for both our finalists. A big thank you to the sponsors for the show and a thank you to all of you in the audience for cheering on our entrants, and waiting patiently while the judges made their decisions.


  1. Awesome! I have to say all the judges did an amazing job, and I hope you all had fun reading our shows and coming up with your verdicts (which, for me, are just as snazz-tacular as the fashion shows themselves!)

  2. I’m glad Chris and Pix had at least one judge that actually acknowledged that this was, at the end of the day, a fashion show. Goodness knows I didn’t. 😅
    This was a great read and an excellent judgment of the show!

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