A to Z of Gaming Me: E

This is another fairly predictable choice if you are a frequent reader or know anything about me. My choice for E is the Elder Scrolls series, in particular Morrowind onwards.

from: http://digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/16/12/980×490/landscape-1458577493-418876.jpg

I started my Elder Scrolls journey with an afternoon on Thero’s Xbox 360, and clung onto the series like few others. I knew far too much about the world of Cyrodiil, and threw myself into the Elder Scrolls Wiki. I got chills when Skyrim released its first trailer, and disappointed that I couldn’t afford the Special Edition with Alduin.

Once I was hooked on Oblivion, I had a go with Morrowind. I soon discovered it was an entirely different animal. Combat was based largely on dice rolls, I was assassinated every time I slept (DLC pack) and the music, atmosphere and dungeons all creeped me out. Despite the problems the games suffer, there’s always something to creep me out.
Morrowind in general had me spooked, whilst I really disliked exploring the Aylied ruins in Oblivion. In Skyrim I avoided (as much as possible) the Draugr tombs – if I had to go in I would be using fire spells at all times.

From: http://assets.vg247.com/current//2016/04/elder_scrolls_dark_brotherhood.jpg

I can get lost in Elder Scrolls games and spend hours plotting out how I’m going to build my characters, how to best take on a dungeon and using the loose controls to place that sweetroll in that particular pla….why did it fly over there? And where did that dragon come from?
I’m saddened to see Skyrim being pimped out to any and all platforms – it hasn’t aged magnificently and it still suffers from Bethesda bugs. But Tamriel is a second or third home, and I think I’ll always return.

Honorable Mentions
Endless Ocean is either really relaxing or really boring. Long before Abzu came out (and failed to run on my PC), Endless Ocean popped up – or splashed down. Featuring you as a diver looking for some treasure or something, and a massive white whale, Endless Ocean had you pointing your Wiimote at the TV for ages. Swimming around, making friends with dolphins and penguins and polar bears (in a tropical ocean), and for some reason, fonlding fish to learn about them.
It wasn’t the most thrilling game, but it helped me keep sane during my GCSE exams, and even spawned a sequel (that I never played). I’m not sure I’d recommend it but for a humourous peek, go find the Game Grumps playing it.


Next time, F for f-steak.

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