A to Z – An introduction

Hello Completionists.

I recently saw Zi at The Bookish Gamer take on this challenge, and something about it appealed to me. Perhaps it was the task of having 26 posts to write and schedule.
Perhaps it was the fact it gives me 26 posts I don’t have to worry about. Perhaps I just want to write less about more. Whatever the reason, I’m going to attempt the Alphabet of Favourite Video Games, or, as I will call it: The A to Z of Gaming Me.

We will start where we probably should in an alphabet – A, which will go live tomorrow April 1st.

I will try to do at least one a week but I may change that if it feel likes it’s moving too slow.

All the games mentioned are games I have played – there will be no discussions of games I have only watched playthroughs for (like Alien: Isolation, Resident Evil VII or Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

I hope to see you tomorrow for my favourite game beginning with A.




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