30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 30


We made it! We got all 30 days of gaming ramble done, even when the heat melted us and then the rain drowned us! Just this one to write then I can go play my new games.

So, what topic can possibly be great enough to write about on the final day of the challenge? We’ve covered the best and worst of gaming. We’ve looked at classic games and games I’ve yet to play. Music, voice acting and art styles were examined. So, it makes sense that today brings it all together.

Day 30 – Your favourite game of all time.

I’ve said before that my favourites aren’t a definite ranking. They are more fluid, shifting with mood and events going on in my real life. But one game that has stuck with me from youth into adulthood; that is still funny a decade after release, and that I still play from time to time now. That game, contrary to what friends might say, is not Final Fantasy X. No, this game has been around a lot longer.


This game is Theme Hospital. A game from 1997. My favourite game of all time.

It’s simple to play, easy to pick up, but difficult to beat. The music is insanely catchy, the humour mostly dark. A decade after release, the graphics still aren’t terrible, and suit the game style well. It’s comedic but challenging. It’s classic Bullfrog and I love it.

And there we have it readers. 30 Days of Gaming is complete. I shall probably take a rest now, and dive into the games that came through my door this morning.

Until next time,



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