30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 29


Todays post is our second to last. It broaches a topic that I found harder to answer than I first thought. There are a few games I picked up on a whim, because I’d heard good things or just wanted to be able to say “yes, I tried it, but I definitely don’t think it’s my thing”. Fallout 3 was one of them – the box art and screenshots made it look more like a Call of Duty clone than an RPG. Prey (the demo at least) was another. In my head point and click games, such as those from Atrifex Mundi, bore me, but when I actually play them I get through them pretty quick. I even thought Octodad wouldn’t be my kind of game until I played it.

But today I’ve chosen an incredibly popular game. It was the most expensive video game to produce and sold $1 billion worth of game in three days.

Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

Grand Theft Auto V


GTA was huge when I was younger. It still is, but IV was a big deal. It had themes that never really appealed to meat that age, and I’ve had no desire to return to the series. As I got older, I appreciated trying things once. My gaming tastes had grown up and developed, and I was open to new ideas. My brother wanted a copy of GTA V, which I obliged at the time. And spent the next day waiting for it to install. Once it did,  I had a go.

It wasn’t an instant hit. I’m still not convinced the start of the game is as good as it could be. Once I was into the game proper, however, I started to enjoy it. Violence wasn’t the way I played, but I actually found it fun and interesting to play as Michael. His story was particularly enjoyable. Much less chaotic than Trevor’s (Which was fun on occasion), and far more involving than Franklin (who I had to google because I couldn’t remember his name), I found myself playing to carry on Michael’s story.

The side quests and mini games were generally entertaining and challenging. They provide a nice way of finding new areas of the map and a nice diversion from the action heavy main story.

The graphics. Oh, the graphics. Even on Xbox 360, I was impressed. They just gave me even more reason to faff around in the game. And I love a good faff.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed GTA V. It’s not my favourite game, and I still think it takes itself too seriously. I’m glad I played it.

One comment

  1. for me, recently it’s ARMS. I knew i’d like it, but i do love it, so much fun, so deep, great characters, gotta love it

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