30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 28


My apologies (hopefully for the last time). I fell asleep super early yesterday and didn’t get to post my response to day 28’s topic.

Today’s answer may be blindingly obvious to anyone who regularly reads my stuff. Sure, they have their flaws, and occasionally over-promise, but I still adore them, and love what they do.

Day 28 – Favorite game developer.

No awards for guessing. Bethesda.

Prey Demo: Opening Hour_20170506171049

Prey Demo: Opening Hour_20170506171049

I love their games, I adore Todd Howard, I love the effort that goes into their work. Sure, there’s always bugs and issues with their open world RPGs, but Dishonored, Oblivion and Fallout are some of my favourite games and thus I have a soft spot for them.

I love them for their flaws. I love them for their successes.

Tomorrow (later today): Broadening my horizons.