30 Day Gaming Challenge :Day 23


Let’s have a wander through an art gallery. An art gallery of one game, but a look at the art of Dishonored. Yes, that’s my choice for todays topic:

Day 23 – Game you think had the best graphics or art style.



What do I like most about the art? I like the sort of cell shaded style it has going. I like the feeling of dirt and smog and of victorian London. It’s grimy, it’s dark and it’s shady. It’s perfect for the game. The few splashes of colour are in the joyous parts of the game – Corvo’s return home, hide and seek with Emily and the dream sequences.

The designers took inspiration from all sorts of places and people. Artists, photographers, even the idea of being a rat in a city like London. It mixes steampunk, stealth and grime.

Not every one likes Dishonored. Not every one likes the art style. But I do, and this is my choice.


Tomorrow, we look at a classic.

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