30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 22


As we pass through the third week of the challenge, we return to some opinion based days. Today is about follow ups to games that weren’t so good. I could have gone with Bioware’s Mass Effect 3, or Dragon Age 2. Then I was reminded of this:

From: http://igg-games.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/fable-3-III-wallpaper.jpg

Day 22 – A game sequel which disappointed you.

Fable 3

Fable comes from a background of lies and exaggeration. The first Fable became known for the promise of an oak tree growing from seed to full size. The big issue with Fable II is not the exaggrations, however. It is that it is a let down.

For all the flaws of the series, I adore Fable. It’s deliberately one part serious adventure and two parts silly fun. There is something joyous in dressing your character like a chicken and setting fire to things, or farting in someones face because they keep following you around while you do your shopping. Fable III promised more of this nonsense and threw it alongside an impressive voice cast (John Cleese is your butler and you partner up with Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg), and the idea that the world you come to rule in the later game would be fun to play even after the story finished. And yes, the main two thirds of the game is more of Fable II. Along the way you make promises to various groups and are later asked to hold those promises whilst also preparing for what is essentially the end of the world.

From: https://johnsonm325.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/fable3-choice.jpg

But does the end of the world feel fair? Does it feel a threat? Is it compelling? The answer to all of those is no. If you want to keep those promises you made and also want to save the world, you will need to hoard gold like a dragon. To do that, you can either return to adventuring and earn small amounts at a time, or you can start investing in property. If you want to take the investment road, you’ll need to start early or there won’t be enough time to hoard it all. If you have already got most of the way through the game before realising this, there is simply not enough time for you to gather the cash.

The game becomes less about adventure and a romp into the fantasy and more of a property management and estate agent sim. Not what I signed up for.

The game got alright reviews by the critics, but when the game’s creator Peter Molyneux describes it as “a trainwreck”, I simply agree.

Tomorrow we get all critical and examine my favourite art style. It involves shadows and drunken whalers.



  1. The Fable series is one of my favourites but you’re so right: Fable III is ultimately a bit of a let-down. I managed to gather enough gold by the end and was waiting for the big climax but it failed to materialise! It would be great if one day there was a Fable IV that put the mistakes right… a gamer can dream.

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