30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 12


Day 12. A game everyone should play.

I could go with typical game suggestions here; Portal, Minecraft, Tetris. I could suggest you start with gaming history; Mario, Sonic, Pac-man. Or, I could pick something a bit closer to home, a game that will leave you reconsidering the place of tech in the world.

I could suggest Orwell.


I wrote a review of Orwell’s first episode/demo previously on UC. If you haven’t heard of it, I recommend reading my nonsense and seeking out some trailers for it. You basically stalk people, breaking through their privacy bubbles and ultimately point the finger at someone for a crime. Sounds very James Bond? Maybe. Sounds closer to how governments want the internet to be used. Claim it’s for the greater good (the greater good!), for national security, for public safety, and watch as your people start to go mad from paranoia.

I finished every episode of Orwell feeling uncomfortable and unwelcome. I felt awful. And that’s the point. I honestly think people should play this, even if all it does is help people understand why privacy is such a huge issue in tech and politics.


Tomorrow y’all get to find out how sad I am when I reveal the game I have played more than 5 times.


  1. I enjoyed Orwell but ultimately it left me a little underwhelmed, although that may be because I played it over the course of 2 days rather than over the course of a few months like they likely wanted me to.

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