30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 8


Turn it up to 11 folks, today Khin is throwing down her favourite game soundtrack and despite what some people think it’s not going to be Final Fantasy X, as much as I love that sound track. No, for this one I’m turning to the deep blue Zee for inspiration.

Day 8: Favourite soundtrack

Zunless Zee Sunless Sea has a pretty awesome soundtrack. As does the Zubmariner DLC and the Fallen London browser game. But I’m talking about the glorious Sunless Sea today.

This is another game I have reviewed on Upon Completion so head over there to read my overall thoughts on the game. The soundtrack brings a whole other level. I’ll only pick out my favourite tracks but I recommend you find the whole OST (or play the game) and listen to it with a good pair of headphones.


Let’s starting with the opening track.


Despite the fact you’re not likely to spend very much time on the opening menu, the guys and gals at Failbetter games (and Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman) spent plenty on getting a suitably Zunless opening theme. It is part mysterious part nautical and part hopeful. Everything the game turns out to be. In the background there are the drips and drops of the Unterzee, that melancholy and slightly morbid land you live in. It is a great piece that manages to being the key aspects of the games atmosphere together before you even start.

My next favourite happens to be the next one you’re likely to hear. Wolfstacks Lights. Wolfstack Docks is where you’ll begin the game and where you’ll keep near to when you start out. It is a bastion, a safe place and a home. The theme is quite jolly compared to much of the rest of the soundtrack but it still has beneath its surface that hint of melancholy. A home not quite as it should be but one from which a great journey can begin.


One of the many tracks you will hear whilst traversing the deep black Zee is Elegiac. Once you leave port this is one of several travelling themes. It is by far the least creepy of them but brings with it that unease that comes with exploribg the unknown. Returning to Fallen London it serves as a signal that you are nearer to home that you were, but you still aren’t safe.


Khan’s Heart is my next favourite. Khan’s Heart is one of three sections to the Khanate and each of them have their issues. The theme for the Khanate sums up the islands well. Loud, exotic and imperialistic, it embodies the power that the Khanate have in their territory and also embodies the imperial style of the islands. Pompous and grandiose. Given that your movements in the islands are subject to the whim of the nobility, it is a fitting piece of music.


I love Sunless Sea. Adore it. The soundtrack is a great addition and even if I listen to it away from the game I still picture the depths of the Unterzee and feel the eyes of Salt, Stone and Storm watching me. It is a haunting but fitting soundtrack and I look forward to hearing the music of Sunless Skies.


You better have tissues handy for tomorrow’s topic; Saddest scene.